What’s the Difference Between Different Makeup Removers?

Why Do You Need Makeup Removers?

To preserve the vibrancy and overall health of your skin, you have to thoroughly clean and remove makeup from it. It may seem like an easy task to do, but this process is much more complicated. After a long hard day at work, many women won’t have the patience or the energy to remove their makeup and decide to just leave it on their faces overnight which is a real harmful thing to do in the long run. Removing makeup, especially around the eyes and lips, is the most crucial thing to do to prevent any skin complications from taking place. Suitable makeup removers will not only help you save time and effort but also it will help to protect your skin.

What Is The Difference Between Different Makeup Removers?

Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from and a wide variety of products that will only leave you confused. In this article, we will be classifying the difference between makeup removers in terms of composition, texture, efficacy, and more.

Different Makeup Removers for different types skin

What Is Cleansing Oil?

The main composition of cleansing oils is oil and emulsifier. It is made of all kinds of plant oil, mineral oil, and emulsifier. That makes it very easily integrated with cosmetics on the face and very effective when it comes to cleaning any kind of dirt on the face.

What is cleansing oils?

When compared with a traditional way of removing makeup, the combination of emulsifier and oil has the advantage of making insoluble liquid fusion into a stable emulsion. as well as, the advantage of a more refreshing texture that is very beneficial for the skin.

How To Choose A Specific Cleansing Oil for Different Types of Skin?

  • Dry skin

It is highly recommended to choose a cleanser oil that’s got a high moisturizing effect. Usually, the color of these products is not going to be transparent, but it will be a yellow or a brownish-green colored substance. Just make sure that you don’t choose a cleanser oil that contains a high emulsifier amount as it will make your skin even dryer.

  • Oily skin

It is better to choose a refreshing oil-controlled product. Usually, the color of this type of product is transparent. This type of product contains a high emulsifier amount and will leave no oily feeling after rinsing it with water.

  • A mix of dry and oily features

At this point, it is better to use a product that contains a mixture of jojoba and grape seed oil.

  • Sensitive skin

When choosing a cleansing oil for this type of skin, always go for a product that is free of spices, pigment, low emulsifier amount, and mild ingredients to avoid any skin irritation.

What Is Cleansing Water?

What is cleansing water?

Cleansing water is very mild and is very suitable for sensitive and dry skin. However, the makeup removal effect of cleansing water is not as strong as that of cleansing oil. It is not suitable to remove those long lasting and colourful makeup. In addition, cleansing water should be used applied with cotton pads. It is better to choose the soft cotton pads so that the face wouldn’t be damaged during physical wiping.

What Is Cleansing Balm?

What Is Cleansing Balm?

A cleansing balm is the best of both worlds. The effect of the cleansing balm is between oil and water. Which is not only effective in cleaning the face, but it is also very mild and gentle on it. The paste will be slightly emulsified in your palm before rubbing and massaging your face, leaving a very refreshing feeling after.

What Is Cleansing Cream?

What is cleansing cream?

Cleansing cream is the more popular product in Europe and the United States, while it’s mostly just another gel product in countries like Japan. In short, a cleansing cream is just a cleanser with a creamy texture that can properly remove all kinds of makeup, even the waterproof and long-lasting. It is also well-know for being very effective in removing facial impurities such as pollutants.

Are There Any Well-recommended Makeup Removers?

In a dry and hot season like the summer, it is easier to increase the burden of pores, which will eventually result in rough pores and causing a series of skin problems. The burden on the facial pores does not only come from applying makeup on your face in the summer, but it could also come from using sunscreens or any other product that is high on grease. This is why it is very important to choose an effective makeup remover for your skin that can suit your skin’s condition, this why we have gathered some of the highly recommended products that could be suitable for you.

Well-recommended Makeup Removers

Cleansing Oil

(1) – SHU UEMURA Skin Purifier High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil that ranges between $67 – $81

Smell – 3 Stars

There is always a greasy smell lingering that might annoy some people.

Cleanliness – 4 Stars

The overall effect is rather well, but it may be irritative when touching your eyes, so be careful.

For Sensitive Skin – 5 Stars

It is very mild on sensitive skin.


Smell – 3 Stars

The smell is rather very sweet as the main ingredient of this product is honey.

Cleanliness – 4 Stars

It is very effective with almost all types of makeup except for the waterproof ones.

For Sensitive Skin – 4 Stars

This product is highly recommended for people who are suffering from sensitive skin as it is also very mild and soothing.


Smell – 5 Stars

The smell of this makeup remover is significantly good and the feeling it leaves after removing the makeup is rather refreshing.

Cleanliness – 5 Stars

It is remarkable for removing all types of makeup including the waterproof ones.

For Sensitive Skin – 5 Stars

Super safe to be used on sensitive skin without oily feeling.

Cleansing Water

(1) – Koh Gen Do CLEANSING SPA WATER – $39/300 ml

Smell – 5 Stars

This is one of the few removers that do not have any smell. It is highly recommended if you suffer from rhinitis or if you have any kind of a nasal allergy.

Cleanliness – 5 Stars

A very powerful cleaning effect even for liquid lipsticks.

For Sensitive Skin – 5 Stars

Since the ingredient is made out of pure and natural hot-spring water and does not contain any alcohol in it, it is proven to be one of the safest products to use on sensitive skin.


Smell – 4 Stars

This product has a very mild smell of green plants.

Cleanliness – 5 Stars

Although the ingredient is made out of pure natural plants, it has a very powerful effect when it comes to cleaning and removing residues.

For Sensitive skin – 5 Stars

The most iconic feature of this product is that it is gentle on the skin. Hence, it is highly recommended for sensitive skin.

Cleansing Balm/Cream

(1) – EVE LOM Cleanser – $85/100 ml

This cleanser was highly praised by many magazines including Vogue magazine that there will be no better cleanser in terms of efficiency.

Smell – 2 Stars

Although it was highly praised, Eve Lom was equally criticized for its heavy smell on the nose.

Cleanliness – 5 Stars

Without exaggeration, this product’s cleaning effect is the most powerful when compared with any other cleanser on the market today.

For Sensitive skin – 5 Stars

There are no problems whatsoever for this product to be applied to sensitive skin.


Smell – 4 Stars

Unlike the super heavy smell of the EVE LOM cleanser, Clinique is much more tender. However, there is a slight hint of a greasy smell still.

Cleanliness – 4 Stars

The cleaning effect is considerably good, but not as strong as the EVE LOM.

For Sensitive Skin – 3 Stars

It is advised that you test out the product first before you actually buy it and start using it in case you have sensitive skin, as it might be a little irritative on the skin.

Makeup Removing Wipes/Spray/Towels

Makeup removing wipes/spray/towel

If it is too late to use any of the previous makeup removers because of your skin’s condition, there is the option of using makeup removing wipes which is much more convenient to many people.

(1) – Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes – $12/30 sheets

This product is relatively cheap and is also very mild on the skin. It is specifically recommended to wipe off sunscreen with it.

(2) – MAC BULK WIPES – $40.68/100 sheets

This product has an excessive alcohol smell, so it is strongly advised to test it before you start using it regularly. You should also pay more attention to moisturize after using it in case you suffer from a sensitive skin condition.


This spray is the most convenient product if you travel a lot. It is considered to be a necessity travel item, especially it is very light and portable. There is no irritating smell and it is very mild on the skin, so it is quite safe to use it on sensitive skin.

(4) – The Original Makeup Eraser – $20

This product prides itself on its high ingredient quality. It is also not easily accessible unless you get it from the actual source. It is highly effective for removing makeup with water only, all you have to do is just wet the piece of cloth and apply it on your face to remove your makeup, it is that simple. The best part is that this product is re-usable, just wash it over and over again, up to 1000 times, and it will still work very effectively. It comes in 2 colors, a pink and a black cloth with hand-sewn sateen edges that are very soft and tender on the skin. In fact, using this product will make you feel like you treat yourself to a spa visit every day while saving a lot of money.


different kinds of makeup removers for your reference

1- Is it ok to remove my makeup with a facial cleanser only?

Many facial cleansers are made to be used alone to remove facial makeup for the consumers to save time, those products even state that on their packages. As a matter of fact, makeup removal products and facial cleansers are meant to be completely independent skincare steps, and cannot be carried out and used at the same time. So, to answer your question, yes it is absolutely fine to only use a facial cleanser product to remove your makeup, it will just depend on how effective the product you’re using and applying.

2- Is it ok if I don’t remove my makeup once or twice overnight?

Many people think that it is absolutely no big deal to leave their makeup overnight. But the fact of the matter is that it is not acceptable whatsoever. The residual cosmetics will block your pores which will cause all kinds of skin disorders such as a sweat gland secretion disorder that will make your facial skin prone to acne and black circles development. The accumulation of cosmetics residuals will not only damage your skin but also accelerate its aging process. And that is why it is absolutely crucial to remove your makeup before you go to bed at night.

3- Is it ok to apply sunscreen on my skin and don’t remove it?

According to a universal survey, almost 50% of women across the world think that it is fine to leave sunscreen on their skin since it’s not considered to be makeup, and that is a huge misconception. Sunscreen products have oily ingredients that are heavy and harmful on the skin, especially the thicker waterproof products that are even more difficult to be wiped off and cleaned. By all means, sunscreen has to be washed and removed from the skin.

4- Is washing my face more frequently equivalent to removing makeup?

It is not a good thing to wash your face frequently for the grease and moisture that protect your skin are also taken away at the same time. If you overdo washing your face, the skin will be irritated and will be suffocated. On the other hand, removing makeup requires special cleanser products that are effective when it comes to actually clean your face. So, washing your face is not at all like removing your makeup.

5- Can I use general makeup remover to remove my eyes and lips?

milder makeup removers for eyes

Some facial skin is thinner than the rest, such as your lips and the skin around your eyes, so they would require a particularly milder makeup removers that are designed for such a task.

6- Is it necessary to wash my face with a facial cleanser after removing my makeup?

The answer is yes! No matter what kind of makeup remover product you’re actually using, you absolutely must wash your face with a sufficient amount of a facial cleanser after removing your makeup.

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