What is Sunmay Oval

Sunmay Oval is an extremely efficient skin-care device that combines the best features of FOREO’s latest models, offering the highest level of cleansing, purification, and lifting for your skin, all in one single device.

Sunmay Oval is your new favorite skincare device. Despite its simple looks, it includes 4 features: Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning and Face Lifting, in the same portable and comfortably designed device. Not only it will become part of your daily routine, but you can also use it to boost the effects of your serum and face cream or for improving the efficiency of your anti-aging products. No matter your age or your skin type, Sunmay Oval is your to-go skincare solution!

What is the Difference Between A Silicone and A Bristle Face Brush

Many want to know who wins the battle of Silicon vs. Bristle face brush and the reality is that even if you might love your bristle face brush, bristles can become the perfect home of bacteria over time. The presence of bacteria will increase the episodes of acne and contribute to worsening your overall skin’s conditions. On the other hand, silicon is a non-porous material, which doesn’t make a suitable environment for bacteria’s proliferation. That is why we think a silicon brush is the best solution for better skin.

Our device is extremely simple to use: just add your facial cleanser, massage with your SunMay Oval and rinse! You will start seeing results from the best application, no doubt about that. We know that silicone is the best material for fighting acne, breakouts and have more toned and bright skin.

Furthermore, even if bristle brushes can feel soft, they are also very abrasive, especially for sensitive skin. Silicone has the power to exfoliate and performing a deeper cleansing without irritating your skin. For a limited amount of time, until our supply lasts, you can purchase SunMay Oval and get our gentle cleanser for free.

If you want to use natural products, try our silicone brush with coconut oil, it makes wonders! You’ll be surprised by the amazing result. Simply apply the oil to your face and then start the cleansing.

Have A Beautiful, Toned and Shiny Face

Our device not only penetrates your pores and ensures deep cleansing, but also lifts your skin and guarantees a toned and firm skin by increasing circulation and strengthen your face muscles through some gentle vibrations.

If you use it regularly, you’ll start noticing improvements on your skin! You can use Sunmay Oval even after you’ve cleaned your face, to ensure an optimized effect of your anti-aging products which will be pushed deeper into your pores.

Kana Z

Kana Z

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