What Are Your 10 Best Skincare Tips To Be Followed?

We do follow a regular skincare routine but most of us do it the wrong way and are not even aware of it. This eventually will only damage our skin. So, let us get to discover ten skincare tips, which will be wise to follow instead of just applying anything randomly, at least if you love your skin.

Use a body lotion while your skin is still moist

We know that a hot bath strips the natural oils of your body, so after having taken a bath it is very important to apply a body lotion. You should not wait until your body is completely dry, but after towel-drying your body, lock in the moisture by applying lotion while your body is still damp. However, be careful and do not let any water to enter your emulsion bottle, or else, it may become a breeding ground for bacteria and will only harm your skin.

Select a good sunscreen

You have to apply sunscreen each and every day. Any sunscreen from a good brand with SPF 25 to SPF30 will be perfect for daily use. However, if you plan to stay outdoors for long then you must opt for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30-50. Just applying sunscreen is also not enough, and you need to keep reapplying every two to three hours.

It will be a good idea to follow the ABC principles as suggested by the United Nations:

Avoid Sunburn – try to avoid going out too much in summer, particularly when the sun rays are the most harmful.

Block and Avoid Sunburn – if you still need to go out, make sure you use a wide-brimmed hat or an umbrella to stay protected.

Sunscreen Is A Must – whenever you go out you must apply sunscreen.

Taking a bath soon after a workout is essential

Many people head to the gym in their free time and then maybe get involved in other work. This is wrong, and according to doctors, such people are most likely to suffer from acne because they do not take a bath soon after exercising.

You must select clothes that are breathable and can absorb sweat while exercising. Also, carry with you an acne treatment pad that contains salicylic acid. Right after exercising, use the pad and get rid of any sweat from your cheeks. What you also need to know is that taking a bath right after exercising is also not good, wait for some time, maybe around 20-30 minutes and then take a shower.

Get rid of makeup properly

If you let the makeup stay on your face it will clog the pores with oil and dust and then cause acne. Any makeup residue can cause further damage to your skin. So, no matter how long you have been wearing makeup, as soon as you reach home you need to remove it and do not wait until it is time to hit the bed. If, at times, you are way too tired and do not feel like washing your face immediately, at least apply a little makeup remover on a cotton ball and clean your face with it.

Your makeup brush needs regular cleaning as well

A makeup brush is often left ignored. What you perhaps do not understand is that these brushes are full of makeup residue, dust, and facial oil and thus can be a perfect place for bacteria to grow. This can then irritate your skin. It is thus necessary to wash the brushes at least once every week, and if you do not have enough time, then at least once a month. Clean the brushes with special tools, rinse off using warm water, and allow to air dry.

Exfoliate once or twice every week

A baby’s skin renews after every 14 days but in the case of adults, the wait is nearly 28 days. During this stage, your skin can look tired, dark, and dull. You need not bear with this as you can get nice glowing skin by exfoliating once or twice a week. Make sure you select a mild exfoliating product that is suitable for your skin type. Also, use a cleansing mask once a week. The other parts of your body also need exfoliation too so do not ignore this fact.

Clean your face properly

You need to clean your face the right way. If you do not clean enough or go overboard then it will harm your skin. Insufficient cleaning is particularly bad for those with combination to oily skin as it can make their face look dark and unhealthy. Furthermore, it can cause issues like blackhead, acne, large open pores and more. People with combination to oily skin should use a nice cleanser and clean their face for about a minute. Those with combination skin must give more attention to their T-zone for oil control and V-zone to keep it moisturized.

Avoid touching your face

Pore blockage is such a common issue, have you wondered why? Well, is it mainly because we cannot resist touching our face with our hands. Our hand is not clean always and in fact is full oil, bacteria, and dust. These enter our pores through our hands and then result in skin problems. So, make sure you never touch your face with your hand, not unless it is thoroughly clean.

Use the right moisturizer

A moisturizer helps avoid water loss and keeps your face looking soft and supple. When selecting a moisturizer, go through its ingredient list carefully. It should contain a sealant, bionic agent, and an absorbent. Do also eat the right food so that your skin stays moisturized from within. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and fulfill your body and skin needs. Make sure to even sleep on time, or else you are going to attract many skin issues.

Replenish your skin

You can use a mask and spray to make your skin feel replenished with water. When your skin gets the amount of water it needs it looks clear, soft, and translucent. However, you need to be careful when using a mask. Use it no more than 15 minutes at a go, or else excessive hydration can make your hair follicles swell, block your pores, and result in rashes.

To Conclude

Do follow these 10 skincare tips and very soon you will notice changes. Your skin will start looking a lot healthier, cleaner, soft, and will start glowing, Remember, you need to be very regular, and if you do, your skin will always thank you for the same.

Kana Z

Kana Z

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