Best Natural Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

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Do I Have Dry Skin?

While you probably know if you have oily skin, dry skin may not always be recognized. The most common characteristic of dry skin is skin that seems dull, peels easily, with small pores. You may notice that your skin feels dry and tight after washing your face. You may also notice that you have to use a moisturizer in order to avoid discomfort. You may also notice that your makeup doesn’t look smooth even though your skin doesn’t feel or appear clogged. These are the most common symptoms.

What Causes Dry Skin?

There are a few primary reasons why your skin may be dry:

Poor sebaceous gland secretions

The sebaceous gland is responsible for secreting moisturizing lipids. For people with oily skin, these glands are overactive and underactive for those with dry skin. You can develop this through genetics and it’s an undesirable trait to have. These secretions work to protect skin and prevent losses of moisture.

Destruction of sebaceous membranes

Even if your skin has adequate sebaceous production, you may be inadvertently removing this protective layer. Excessive exfoliation, excessive or harsh cleansers, and trauma to the face can lead to a reduction in this protective layer

Inadequate Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)

This factor is the ability of your cells to bind to water. Without the ability to hold onto water, the skin becomes dry easily. This can occur d/t a dry environment, destruction of the sebaceous membrane and others.


Dehydration can occur for a variety of reasons. You may not be drinking adequately or live in an area that is extremely dry as well. People who don’t drink adequate water may find that they have more problems with dry skin.

what are the best natural skincare tips for dry skin

Resolving Dry Skin

Although you may not always know the reason for your dry skin, that doesn’t mean there aren’t effective solutions. You can use any of these solutions to naturally keep your skin hydrated and looking great.

Wash with lukewarm water

When you wash your face, make sure that you wash with lukewarm water although not overly hot. Warm water works well by cleansing appropriately while also opening the pores. This helps your skin by leading to better absorption of skin products like protective moisturizers. Make sure that you don’t wash your skin more than twice a day as excessive cleaning can lead to dry skin. Use a gentle cleanser that won’t overdry your skin as well.

Use a moisturizing mask at night

If you notice any peeling to your skin, this means that your skin is seriously deficient in water. Using a super moisturizing product right before you go to sleep is a great way to keep your skin great. You can find a variety of natural deep moisturizers that can be used on their own or with a paper or gel mask. These are usually applied to the face and left in place for 10-20 minutes for optimal absorption. Look for super moisturizing masks that contain natural ingredients for the best results.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables

The vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables are protective for your skin. It may be difficult to determine which nutrients your body needs so your best option is to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. When you work on your skin from the inside out, you can often experience superior results than simply using skincare products. Look at taking your diet seriously and the results will payout.

Use the appropriate moisturizer

The moisturizer that you use can make or break your cycle of dry skin. Skin usually requires more specialized products so make sure you’re not settling for simple rather than effective. Take a look at your moisturizer to see if it’s designed for dry skin. You may need to try out a few different types before you find the right one for your skin type.

Other Diet-Related Steps

Although eating a plant-based diet is a great step, there are some specific foods that can also make a difference for dry skin. Make sure that your diet contains these specific foods and you’ll notice a difference.


Nuts are a rich source of Vitamin E which works as a powerful antioxidant. You can protect your skin and prevent premature aging by including rich sources of Vitamin E in your diet. Add fresh nuts to salads, baked goods, or simply enjoy them as a snack.

Fresh Jujube

This food contains a significant amount of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. Not only can vitamin C improve the elasticity of your skin, but it can also help prevent premature aging. If you don’t have access to jujube in your area, you can still enjoy citrus and other fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C.


Fish are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the skin naturally. If you feel like your skin is overly dry, a natural oil source in your diet can help to replenish its natural stores. Fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and herring are all good sources. Try to include fish 2-3 times a week for the best results.

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame is rich in Vitamin E and works similarly to nuts. In addition, black sesame works to promote adequate blood circulation. This will help your skin to receive vital nutrients as well as moisture. Add black sesame seeds to salads, smoothies, and more. It has a light, nutty flavor that pairs well with a variety of foods.


If you struggle with dry skin, then use these steps to understand the causes and solutions. These natural tips can be used by anyone and will be effective to resolve skin that is dry, peeling, or lacking moisture overall.

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