The advantages of Sunmay Grace:

1.Efficient Grinding:

The oscillating motion quickly removes dead skin and imperfections from the nail surface, providing a faster and more efficient nail care experience.

2.Comfortable Experience:

The use of oscillation technology often results in a more comfortable sensation compared to the potential discomfort that might be associated with traditional rotating nail grinders.

3.Precise Control:

Some oscillating disk nail grinders come with multiple vibration intensity settings, allowing users to finely control the level of care based on their needs and nail condition.

4.Enhanced Safety:

In certain cases, oscillating disk nail grinders might offer improved safety compared to rotating grinders, reducing the risk of accidental injury or overgrinding.


Certain models of oscillating disk nail grinders may be equipped with various types of disks, enabling them to be used for different types of nail care tasks, such as dead skin removal, polishing, and shaping.

However, it’s important to review the product manual before use to ensure proper and safe usage of the oscillating disk nail grinder, as each tool has its suitable applications.



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