Sunmay Youth Bear Shape Sonic Face Cleansing Brush

Sunmay Youth™ Bear Shape Face Brush

Sunmay Youth Bear Shape Sonic Face Cleansing Brush

Where To Buy Sunmay Youth

Sunmay’s retail network covers more than 8 countries in the world. If you are from the USA, UK, Gearmany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan or Canada. Amazon will fulfill everything if you place an order there. Just click below buttons to check the product link. If you are from other countries and want to buy sunmay products, just contact sunmay team at for retail or wholesale.  Thank you.

Why You Need Sunmay Youth

Premium Quality

Sunmay youth face brush is made of very soft silicone to give you a better cleansing experience! Gently cleans pores and removes aged keratin. As a cleansing device, it cleanses the skin. As a massager, it promotes blood circulation to the skin and makes your skin healthier. High-frequency vibration allows you to clean your skin deeply. Sunmayyouth is made of medical silicone, which is mild to the skin and not easily damaged. It is easy to clean, quick to dry and prevents bacterial growth.

Deeper Cleansing

The bristles in the bear ears are thick and short, especially for cleaning the nose or other area needed stronger power. The bristles in the central part are longer yet softer, brushing your cheek very comfortable. The curved massage lines on the back is to do facial massage with essential oil or massage cream after cleansing your face. 100% organic food grade silicone, suitable for both sensitive and normal skin.

Safe And Healthy

Food grade silicone rubber exterior provides soft and gentle face cleansing and massaging! The brush is extremely soft and does not irritate your skin a bit.You can easily brush away dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. You can use the facial cleanser daily,your complexion will become clearer, brighter and healthier.

Cute Design

This facial cleanser is very lovely and cute little bear shape design, use this for deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation, make you smile every time you use it . It’s made out of silicone so you don’t have to replace a brush head. Great face care experience. It is also a perfect gift ideas under 50 dollars for women in 2020.

They Love Sunmay Youth

Customer Reviews

" I have always wanted to buy the Luna silicone facial cleansing brush.. but never pushed through because I kept contemplating whether it is worth the money £100+ .. so I wanted gave this a try as it is definitely cheaper! and oh booooyyy ... Firs time I used it, fell in love right away. The night I first used this, I was feeling stressed out because of university .. but then when I started using it, the vibration/massaged area helped me relax.. honestly .. plus it really made my skin feel very clean and super soft right after using it. I then looked at my face in the mirror, and it looked youthful plus it helped lighten my scars (maybe because of the exfoliation capacity) .. I use this AM and PM I love it & I definitely recommend this to everyone!"
sunmay youth bear shaped face brush
Jessica S.
" Love this...had a brush type sonic cleanser before but it eventually broke and I needed to replace. Wasn't sure about this from the look of it, but it's great. Handy, cute, simple to use, convenient and neat. Makes my skin look brighter and clearer. Highly recommended."
Linda C.
" Really great little cleanser. I’d been getting congestion and rough skin on my jawline, and also get hyper keratosis. After a fair bit of research, I decided to plump for this one. I have used it a few times. My face felt better after the first go, which is good, as I’m rather impatient! I have just been using it on the speed out of the box. I dip it in the bath, then turn it on and rub it gently on the soap ( neem or African black soap) and then just circle it around, adding me re soap and water if it gets “squeaky”. Then I rinse it, and my face. Very simple to use, and fairly easy to hold, haven’t managed to drop it yet, despite the soap and water 😉 The surface and shape is well thought out, with the pointy tip being perfect for round your nose, but the main bit big enough to easily do the forehead or anywhere else like arms etc. Glad I got it, and will certainly be using it more."
Nancy W.