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Sunmay Seven™ Spinning Face Brush

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Where To Buy Sunmay Seven

Sunmay’s retail network covers more than 8 countries in the world. If you are from the USA, UK, Gearmany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan or Canada. Amazon will fulfill everything if you place an order there. Just click below buttons to check the product link. If you are from other countries and want to buy sunmay products, just contact sunmay team at for retail or wholesale.  Thank you.

Why You Need Sunmay Seven

Hi-Tech Design

Sunmay seven is an upgraded face cleanser. It adopts high-speed quiet motor, ipx7 grade waterproof technology, and 0.05mm dupont silk bristles, which can be used daily to help remove the oil, dirt, and makeup residue off face & body, leaving skin feeling and looking refreshed, smoother and revitalized.

Strong Power

This electric brush is programmed with the upgraded motor system, the brush head won’t stop even when applying pressure on the face. Strong torsion of the device enables you to enjoy a pleasant face and body washing without a sudden stop!

Meet Your Need

Sunmay seven facial and body cleansing brush cleanses the skin with 8800 times rotation per minute, effectively removes the grease and dirt on your skin. 2 minutes timer function and pause every 20 seconds enables each area of your face or body to be cleansed. 2 Speed Settings, low speed for gentle and smooth cleansing and high speed for a much deeper exfoliating cleansing experience.

Two Brush Heads

The brush heads are specially designed for all skin types normal, dry, sensitive and oily, adopt 0.05mm DuPont silk bristles giving your skin soft deep cleansing care. Big body brush helps to exfoliate your body skin, remove old dead skin cells off your skin, leave your skin soft and smooth. Small facial brush gently massages the skin, removes oil and dead skin to enhance skincare product absorption.

Ipx 7 waterproof

Sunmay sonic cleansing device is 100% waterproof which makes it a perfect shower buddy! Convenient and safe to use in the bathroom without any worry about water immersion. The brush heads can be cleaned after each use.

Great Gift Ideas

Charged by USB power adapter, convenient and portable to use on the trip. It comes with a waterproof travel pouch that stores all components together. Packaged with a beautiful box, you can order it as a gift for your friends and family.

They Love Sunmay Seven

Customer Reviews

I want to share my special tips about sunmay facial brush, Yay, I always use it to rinse off my clay mask, and It helps to enhance the effect of clay mask. I found it also enhance absorption of toner, lotion and cream. But we can't make a excess cleansing, if you skin type like me ( combination), I think we can use it once a day. If you're sensitive skin, maybe you can use it two or third times a week. GIVE IT A TRY
Jessica S.
I liked this product very much and am glad to report that my face has cleared up incredibly. This product perfectly cleanses skin and water resistant. It works with the battery. Due to its size and this has become my go-to for travelling. I'd definitely recommend this if you're looking to boost your skincare routine.
It comes with two heads to use for different brushing purposes--one for face and the other for body. It deep cleans us pores and feels super fresh after the first week of using. GREAT PRODUCT! It effectively massages my face and removes dead skin. And It helps to clean my stubborn blocked pores, reduce my acne and pimple and my makeup looks clean and refresh. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves makeup.
Improper care and insufficient cleansing can lead to many skin problems. SO I attach great importance on my skincare routine, especially on my facial cleansing. I look through many products and finally decided to buy sunmay electric spinning brush. The bristle and vibration are gentle and skin friendly, sure it can deeply cleanse my face, makes me feel refresh. Awesome!!!
Tzuyu L.
I'd love to try more sunmay products. And I have had this electric spinning brush for a week, I not only use it to cleanse my face but also my body. OF COURSE, It has two heads one for face and one for body. I use it to cleanse my face day n night, and cleanse my body once per week. I love the way it works on my face and body, I feel my skin refresh and clean, smooth. I'd like to recommend this to my friends, family and you!
Aikyo J.
This electric spinning brush for face & body is a very good product! I used it once per day and my face looks and feels clean and clear after the first week of using. It has different speeds and different brushes, lower speed can use at day while higher speed can use at night, and the big brush for body while small brush for face. I recommend this product, especially for the price!
Viviana G.
My skin feels so hydrated, refresh and clean. I thought that this bristles can deeply cleanse my pores and remove dirt and oil off my face. Every time I put some Gel facial cleanser on the brush to cleanse my face and it helps me to absorb other products much better.I definitely use it as my daily skincare routine!! And I 'm ready to on the wonderful day!!!
Ella C.
I think it's very important to take care of our face and body, and most people simply attach importance on facial cleansing. It's wrong to only focus on facial cleansing!!! Body cleansing is also important!
Federica M.
I received this product about two weeks ago, and I use this product every day when I cleansing. And I also use this product to cleanse my body at night, I feel it exfoliate my dead skin n my skin looks more clean, soft and smooth.
Jacklyn B.
I have been using sunmay electric spinning brush for two weeks. I use it two or three times a week, because I have heavy sensitive skin. WHY AM I STILL USING THIS PRODUCT? Well, I thought that our skin always bare among the air, and the air pollution is getting worse. SO I believe that we should give our skin a deep clean. So far, I feel good to use this.
Bey L.
Fast shipping!!! This is my first time to use sunmay electric spinning brush, I'm oily skin, and I think this bristles can deeply remove oil off my face. Everyday I used it I feel refresh. And it has two speed settings, so I always use higher speed to cleanse my face at night and use lower speed at morning.
Elika J.
I enjoy cleansing!I feel that this product really helps to cleanse my face & body, I love the way it works on me. It helps to exfoliate dead skin and remove oil off my face, I always feel refresh and clean, smooth after using this product
Elika J.
Elle est silencieuse, étanchéité au top et parfaite pour ma peau grasse à problèmes. Je l'utilise tous les jours même sous la douche. Ma peau est bien nettoyée, douce et revitalisée. Ses poils sont toux doux et les petites vibrations de l'appareil permettent un lavage agréable. La tête de la brosse ne s'arrête pas même en exerçant une pression dessus. Elle est vendue avec une trousse imperméable, très pratique pour l'amener partout !! Elle se recharge rapidement, super facile d'utilisation, je ne m'en sépare plus 😍
Valeria M.
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