Sunmay Halo™ Eye Skin Massager

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Where To Buy Sunmay Halo

Sunmay’s retail network covers more than 8 countries in the world. If you are from the USA, UK, Gearmany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan or Canada. Amazon will fulfill everything if you place an order there. Just click below buttons to check the product link. If you are from other countries and want to buy sunmay products, just contact sunmay team at for retail or wholesale.  Thank you.

Why You Need Sunmay Halo

Yellow Light Heat Treatment

The yellow light temperature can reach 42 degrees, it can not only promote collagen regeneration but also modulate cellular activity to solve the problem of wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

Blue Light Vibration Treatment

It uses a frequency of 7000 sound gentle vibration per minute to relax and calm the skin, make the eyes more comfortable, reduce melanin and discoloration, non-invasive tension, work quickly.

Yellow & Blue Light Treatment

The yellow light mode and blue light mode work together to fully relax your eyes, reduce eye fatigue. Apply some eye cream to promote the absorbtion of your skin care products.

Ion Treatment

It can reach the deep layers of the skin and invigorates your skin cells and promotes the natural synthesis of collagen that makes wrinkles thwart. It helps eye skin absorb eye cream or eye serum. 


The yellow light heat mode of sunmay halo eye massager can open pores, allow the eye cream or eye essence to be absorbed more efficiently. The temperature can reach 42 degrees but don’t worry, it will not feel very hot. It’s really comfortable to massage the skin around the eyes.


Through 7000 times’ vibration per minute, the blue light vibration mode of sonic eye massager can effectively relieve eye fatigue and puffiness, promote blood circulation around eyes, and reduce melanin deposition.


The heated eye massager comes with an inductive “silver band”, when using the blue light vibration mode, just always PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE BAND, it will work automatically once it touches your skin. Very convenient to use. 


The eye massager device is light in weight and compact in shape, you can carry it with you anywhere and use it anytime. Especial when you are travelling outside.



Charging voltage: DC 5V
Battery voltage: DC 3.7V
Battery capacity: 800mAhv
Power: 1.3W
Speed: 7000rpm
Temperature: 40-45℃
Charging time: 2-3hours
Using time: 2-3hours
Emitting light colors: Blue light/yellow light

Care Tips

Daily work every 2 hours let your eyes rest for a few minutes, overlooking the distance, then close your eyes for 5 minutes. Let eyes fully relaxation. To ensure full sleep, keep your eyes moist, do more eye movement, eyes will be full of vitality. It will be more efficient with using an eye cream or eye essence.

How to use

Step 1: After cleansing your skin, apply appropriate eye cream or eye essence around the eyes.

Step 2: Press the switch, the YELLOW LIGHT HEAT MODE is on. Close your eyes, move the eye massager smoothly and lightly from the eye corner to the hairline about 6 times/side, then move around the eyes in circles from outside to inside about 6 times/side.

Step 3: If you want to use the BLUE LIGHT VIBRATION MODE, switch off the button, always put your finger at the inductive silver ring, it will automatically work once the massager’s head touches your skin, otherwise it will stop work if you left your finger or didn’t touch the skin.

Step 4: If you want to use the YELLOW & BLUE LIGHT MODEs at the same time, keep the YELLOW LIGHT switch on, do like step 3.

Step 5: Use dry clean cloths to clean the massage head, put it in a dry place.

Special Tip: Please don’t leave your finger when you use the vibration function.


After constantly use the HEAT MODE for about THREE minutes, it will automatically shut off. But you don’t need to worry, it is designed to avoid burning your skin. Press the Heat button again, it will start working again.

Please DO NOT WASH the instrument.

If your eye had surgery or is in an infection, please do not use it.

The product needs long-term use, and it can alleviate and repair eye skin problems to a certain degree. But can not replace medical products. 

They Love Sunmay Halo

Customer Reviews

It stimulates blood circulation around the eye, improves blood supply, relieves stress and fatigue around the eyes, reduces swelling, reduces fine lines, and promotes collagen regeneration.
Jessica S.
I have been using it for quite a while and I must say that it is a very valid and effective device, I find it very relaxing. Super light and easy to handle, ideal to carry around and can't miss in our donne women's bags.
Concetta L.
I'm so happy to finally found the best friend for my dark circle :’)) It's very simple to use!I use it every time after applying eye cream.
I tested Sonic Eye Massager, it reduces dark circles and fine line under the eyes and I’ll review it better soon on the blog.
Manoela B.
It's awesome! I have been using this for two weeks, I noticed that my dark circles has slightly improved. Actually, the eye skin massager has two lights, I always use YELLOW light to solve the wrinkle and use BULE light to relax and calm my eye skin then decrease dark circles. Every night I really really enjoy the eyes massage time! And the temperature also helps to absorb the eye cream. The result is much stronger than before I used this product. Don't hesitate! BUY IT! And you'll not regret.
Aikyo J.
It seems to help all around the eye area, reduced puffiness and uplifts hoods if you massage it upwards twice a week for a couple of months. My face feels fantastic after only using it for 10 minutes. I keep it on my desk at work and even massage around my mouth area, contouring my cheeks too, I also use it on all areas of the face. Super!
Viviana G.
I've tested the eye skin massager for a while. To be honest, it really helps to deal with my puffy eye. When I use it, I will apply eye cream, and then use the yellow light to massage 15minutes, then use blue light to massage 15 minutes. I often stay up really late, and I use this product every time I stay up late. I thought it has instant effect. If you have any eye problem, this must be your best choice.
Ella C.
Simply using eye cream is no way, and we need to use some tools. After reviewed numerous products, I decided to choose sunmay. Happily, it doesn't make me regret. This product really fit me. And I always use it at morning and night, I truly feel my eye skin bright and refresh. I enjoy it!!!
Federica M.
It stimulates blood circulation around the eye, improves blood supply, relieves stress and fatigue around the eyes, reduces swelling, reduces fine lines, and promotes collagen regeneration.
Jacklyn B.
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