Is Everyone Suitable for Facial Oil?

Our skin has plenty of mechanisms designed to maintain its own health. So long as you don’t have any underlying health problems, it should be able to maintain equilibrium and remain healthy and glowing on its own. Sometimes, however, these mechanisms might prove themselves lacking, and you’ll need to bolster it with the use of certain skin care products. One of these skin care products is facial oils.

Is pre-essence really useful?

Is Pre-Essence Really Useful?

Pre-essence is used before applying skincare products to solve the absorption problems that people with mature skin face. Today, there are products with similar methods of usage and effects, but it does not have a formal/uniform name. There are products called genifique, concentrate or essence, advanced, essence, and of course, pre-essence. For the purpose of this article, we will call all of these article pre-essence.

How to grow your eyebrow

How to Grow Your Eyebrows

Most people know that the main facial features such as the eyes, mouth, and nose make up how our faces appear, but what most do not consider is how important the eyebrows are in shaping the appearance of our face as a whole as well as small details that are more easily ignored. Some people’s eyebrows are so thin we can barely see them while other people have thick eyebrows that do not need any makeup to look full and natural. So why is it that some people have thick eyebrows and others have sparse? It is time to gain a better understanding of the often overlooked eyebrow.

How to Make Up for Beginners

How to Make Up for Beginners

Applying makeup can have a magical effect on anyone. It not only changes how you look physically, but also has the potential to significantly change how you feel about yourself. But applying make up for beginner can be a daunting aspect, especially if you’re not sure how you should do it. On top of that, if you do it wrong, it’ll do more harm than good. It also doesn’t help that most of the tutorial you see on YouTube are so complicated to follow.

What is Sunmay Oval

Do you struggle to get a toned, moisture and spotless skin? You don’t have to despair, SunMay oval is your best solution and will become your best friend in your daily beauty routine! If you are knowledgeable about the world of skincare chances are that you already know about FOREO, the silicon face brush that has become a huge trend over the past years. There have been several models released each year, with one of the last ones being the UFO.

How to Choose the Right Colored Cosmetic Contact Lenses for Yourself

There are so many ways to enhance your looks these days. You can do small things like using makeup and hair styling tools. Some are more major like hair extensions and fake nails. And now, you can even get colored contacts that change the appearance of your eye color. There are many celebrities, models, and social media influencers that use the cosmetic contact lenses trick to change up their look with different outfits and makeup.

What If The Horny Layer Is Too Thick?

Our skin is composed of multiple layers, each having their own functions, including the regulation of blood flow, producing oil, maintaining moisture, or protecting your body from microbes. The outermost layer is known as stratum corneum, or the horny layer, which is especially designed to protect everything that’s underneath from everything that’s outside.

How to Do a Good Job of Sun Protection in Winter

Whenever anybody mentions the cold winter months, we rarely think of the sun as a threat. Sure enough, the sun’s effects only cross our minds during the middle of summer, when it is the warmest. During winter, we worry more about frostbite or dry skin as the worse things that could happen to us, and those worries are well-founded. But did you know that the effects of the sun’s UV lights are actually much worse during winter?

How to keep your body skin soft and glowing in winter

How to Keep Your Body Skin Soft and Glowing in Winter

Maintaining soft, healthy and glowing skin is hard enough on its own, but it becomes a real headache when you have to deal with environmental factors that can dry your skin out. Cold weather, in particular, is especially problematic, since the moisture on your skin gets sapped away by the arid air. Now imagine a whole season of cold weather, and you have a nightmare in your hands. That’s what winter basically is: a season of nightmare for your skin.

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