Skincare Routine: How to Treat Back Acne?


Excessive Oil Secretion

The skin on various parts of your body releases sebum at different rates. Your back is one of the most active areas. This is especially true in the warmer months of summer. The skin on your back is also thicker and the cells turn over more slowly, only about once every one and a half months. Sebum can also get trapped by hair follicles and body fat.

Internal Factors

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the back is a reflex area of the lung. If lung heat or meridians do not pass, this can form “wet poison” and result in back acne. Other internal factors include that some people are prone to dryness and heat or endocrine disorders.

Mites or Bacteria

Bacteria thrive in pores, and they can easily block pores and contribute to acne. Bacteria have more chances to breed in any place that isn’t cleaned regularly. Sheets and pillows are a common breeding ground for bacteria, especially in warmer summer months when sweating causes moisture to be trapped next to your skin and clothes. Bacteria can also accumulate if you don’t dry yourself completely after bathing. On the other hand, if your skin is too dry this can also allow bacteria to invade.

Poor Diet and Inadequate Rest

Lifestyle factors can contribute to endocrine disorders and excess sebum production. If your diet includes unhealthy choices like greasy, spicy, and barbecued meals, your skin health may suffer. In modern society, many young people are under intense pressure to work overtime and stay up late. Lack of rest and emotional issues also contribute to the problem.

Preventing Back Acne

Pay attention to your personal hygiene

Personal hygiene must become a focus if you want to improve your back acne. Change and wash your clothes and sheets frequently. You can also expose your clothes to the sun to kill bacteria. During warmer months, choose clothes that are breathable to prevent sweat. When bathing, use hot water to warm your body and open pores, then massage your back with bath salts or salt water for one minute. Rinse yourself off with clean water, and completely dry your body before putting on your clothes.

Form healthy diet and rest habits

Start making changes to your diet by eating a lighter diet with more fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water. Avoid spicy and greasy foods. Most studies confirm that dairy products can produce or aggravate acne, so try removing these products from your diet. Incorporate more exercise into your lifestyle. Adopt a more balanced work and rest schedule and get more sleep.

Clean and control oil

The most common culprit for back acne is inadequate hygiene, so the best way to prevent it is to clean your back more regularly. This can be difficult since it can be hard to reach, so check the following list for some strategies.

Light diet for acne skin

Take Action

Exfoliate regularly

Just like the face, the back needs regular exfoliation. Since you may not be able to reach some areas of your back, you can try a back brush, which is designed to help solve this problem. First, brush up and down from your shoulders to your backside. Then, use a large spiral motion from your shoulders to your spine to be sure that all areas are cleaned. Next, apply fruit acid products or exfoliating cream on the back and gently massage to remove dirt and metabolic waste. This will also help with rough areas of the skin and make your back feel smooth and luxurious.

Take a shower with bath salts

Take a shower with warm water to allow your pores to open fully. Then, take a generous amount of back salts and spread them all over your back. Bath salts can help ease inflammation and clear acne. There are bath salts especially designed for use on your back, but you can also use cooking salts.

Caution – Do not use water that is too hot or too cold. Temperature extremes can irritate the skin. Choose showers instead of baths to avoid cross-infection.

Use anti-acne products

After your shower, gently dry yourself with clean, soft towels and apply a thin layer of anti-acne or anti-inflammatory products to soothe areas that are red and swollen from acne.

Tip – Using an anti-acne product once per week can quickly alleviate the symptoms of acne, and can also play a role in keeping your skin youthful. When buying an anti-acne product, choose one that contains sulfides but always consult a doctor before using a specific product to be sure that all of your individual needs are met.

Massage with essential oils

Ask family or friends to help with an essential oil massage after a bath. For a healthy treat for your skin, combine grapeseed oil and jojoba oil to form the base oil. Add a few drops of chamomile, geranium, lavender, and orange leaf essential oil. Use this combination after bathing every day by gently massaging in circular motions on the back. This can have a wonderful anti-acne and detoxification effect.

Keep your back active

If you sit still for several hours at work, your back can become tight and this can contribute to your acne. Try standing up and stretching your body every two hours. Next, have a back massage every week to keep the muscles loose. Gua Sha is a technique that can also help with releasing toxins. With this method your skin can be slightly red afterward, so try waiting 3 hours before bathing to let your skin recover.

With changes to your overall health and skincare habits, you will feel better and your back acne will begin to ease. Start by forming small habits and build on them over time, and enjoy the rewards of your new healthy skin.

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