Skincare: How to Reduce Blackheads?


  • Causes of big blackhead
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Causes of blackheads


Since people are physically different from one another, everyone’s skin has a different size of pores. But, if some pores are the same, working to improve them is not always the same. So, people whose pore condition is naturally poor may need to put a little more effort than the rest of us when taking proper care of their skin.

Hormone Secretion

The thickness of the sebaceous gland in your body determines how your body secretes hormones. Hormone secretion in adolescents stimulates the sebaceous gland to secrete too much oil which may lead to skin inflammation, such as acne.


If people overexposed their skin to the sun, plus the abnormal metabolism that affects epidermis cells, it would cause the connective tissue to lose its elasticity. This is the reason some people are suffering from bigger pore issues even after growing above adolescence.

Cleaning the Skin Excessively

During hot days, the secretion of sebum by our pores becomes more serious. Some people remove this annoying oil by simply washing their faces to removing the makeup with the thought that they will not have any greasiness after that. The reality is that no matter the effort we put into the oil removal process, we can only get rid of the grease on the face, but can’t control the grease secretion. However, if we clean too much or too hard, the skin will become dry and tight, producing dry pealing and some small crumbs.

Improper Diet

A lot of people think that eating more fried food causes acne, but as a matter of fact, the oil in these foods does not go straight into the pores. Instead, the oil is metabolized. There is this idea that the oil which remains will raise the sebaceous gland secretion. Well, it’s all based on physique and hormones.


The level at which drugs cause harm depends on the physique of the concerned person. Some people’s physique may have a more sensitive response to drugs than others. Therefore, our suggestion is that if you’re consuming certain drugs, the appearance of acne on your skin will be pretty bad. Also, your skin may look very red, and your hair will be falling more after sunburn. You can also check during that time you were taking a medicine that comprised of these ingredients. Dictating it early will help you avoid injury on time.

How to remove blackheads

Removing blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads happens physically by pulling them out of the pores using the stickers. The commonest method is to use all types of nose stickers. However, a lot of people can’t just use stickers this way because they need to know precisely what they are doing, technically. It takes only a little trick to pull the blackheads out. When you’re done bathing or using a hot compressed towel to clean the face, allow horniness to soften, and the pores to open. Make sure your skin is not dry the time the nose sticker gets pasted on. Let them fully dry nose paste begin to harden, and from the nose paste bottom, you will find many blackheads to pull out.

Advantages: It’s a direct and strong anti-blackening method and won’t cause skin damage.

Disadvantages: If you pull on the skin, that will cause the mouth of the pore to relax and become larger, and due to a timely convergence, the blackhead will show up faster while the pores become larger.

Deep cleaning mask for removing blackheads

A deep cleaning mask typically functions as a tool for removing blackhead, since, with deep cleaning, you can easily remove any old waste keratin layer. This helps the grease particles blocked inside it to be discharged more seamlessly. Furthermore, certain deep cleaning masks consist of activated carbon, kaolin, and other components for adsorption which are also used for absorbing blackheads from the skin surface instead of hiding them inside the pores. A lot of people realize that though using a deep cleaning mask does not remove a significant amount of blackheads, using it regularly will limit the growth of the blackheads.

Advantages: Will neither stimulate nor damage pores.

Disadvantages: The have a slow effect and little use especially when it comes to large and severe blackheads.

Dissolved blackhead

There is certain troublesome export liquid for blackheads on the market for smearing and making blackheads soft and easy to discharge from the pores. A lot of beauty salons offer the service. You can also soften and expel blackheads with facial cleansers and massage. But using baby oil against blackhead is useless because it has an extremely large molecule unlike oils such as jojoba oil whose molecules can penetrate pores. Also, the emulsification of facial oil is a good idea provided it is washed off. In the case of a big blackhead, it takes a while to massage, soften and squeezed gently using an acne stick.

Advantages: The effect of blackening is clear and causes no damage

Disadvantages: It takes a long time, and the skin dries after use

Squeezing off the blackhead

Squeezing the blackhead off makes people pretty excited. However, if the blackhead is not squeezed well, it will cause inflammation or a red print. To squeeze a blackhead properly, get an acne needle to for picking out the skin before squeezing it. That will help the grease particles discharge easily. Then remove horniness first before applying water which helps in making pores smooth and soft. Now you can squeeze out the blackhead gently.

Advantages: Easy discharge of grease particles

Disadvantages: Anything similar to acupuncture and extrusion can easily cause inflammation

Blackhead Removal Hot Gas Bath

To remove blackhead, choose a sanding paste that is suitable for your skin. It is a gel-like sanding cream that tones and balances oil secretion and mostly that which is ideal for any oily skin. For dry skin, you can choose froth products which come with additional foam and moisturizing effect. Forehead, nose, and chin commonly have blackheads as well as parts of the face, due to its tender and easy to wear and tear the skin. The best way to clean is to use sandy paste. Check out my simple and yet effective method! Going behind Yoga Jian to steam-bathe for around 10 minutes is something I like. With such heat, my whole body pores undergo expansion and sweats, releasing the body dirt alongside the sweat and that is how the stubborn blackheads stuck to my face go away.

Contrary to the dry and hot sauna gas, the hot-gas-of-steam bath comes with moisture within the hot gas. It also has a moisturizing effect on any dry skin. With hot steam, pores on the face expand, and that is the right moment to refill and moisturize your skin. I’m fond of putting on a moisturizing face-film with cream and moisturizing oil on my hair. Then, I use warm water for washing it, and the blackhead disappears. Both the skin and hair also become smooth. Always apply tight-skin lotion irrespective of whether your method is sanding cleaning or steam bath, to restore the pores to tenderness.


The most efficient and scientific method of removing blackheads

According to experts, the scientific and most effective way of removing blackheads is to use hot spray together with blackhead liquid massage.

Begin by using a standard hot sprinkler or applying a hot towel to completely open the pore nose, followed by the right amount of droplets of blackhead export liquid on your makeup cotton. Then, stick it on your nose for about 15 minutes. You can tear open the makeup cotton to find many blackheads alongside whiteheads on it. The procedure usually proceeds with a thorough cleaning, especially for oily skin people. Next, pat the nose gently with chilled toner, then apply contractile essence for pores. It moisturizes the skin and shrinks pores too. In case there are conditions, apply an additional 20 minutes of ice film, since it consists of menthol ingredients which can good at shrinking pores and fighting against inflammation.

Rub with salt

After you wash your face, rub some salt in your palm and apply it on your chin and nose. Make sure you don’t add excess water in it.

Advantages: It brings a good effect.

Disadvantages: A feeling of prickly pain, and should be used less frequently else the face will dry and be peeling.

Some misconceptions about blackheads

Squeezing with hands

A lot of people squeeze with hands. However, since fingernails easily hide bacteria, it can cause skin inflammation and pores to get bigger easily.

Brush wipe

It is a method that works well only with dead skin like a blackhead. Men’s skin and pores are thicker. In addition to the exuberant oil secretion, men also have more hair follicle inflammation and fast metabolism. Women have thin skin with delicate pores and inflammatory hair follicles. In addition to tender skin, they produce less oil secretion and physiologically slow metabolism. With auxiliary components like tender and smooth skin, the female skin becomes even more protected as it removes blackheads and shrinks pores.

Therefore, to remove blackheads, you don’t have to follow the same method for both genders and skin quality applicable.

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