Is Pre-Essence Really Useful?

What is Pre-Essence?

Skincare products are vitally important for things such as getting rid of red spots, anti-aging, moisturizing, and more, but for the products to effectively work, the ingredients have to be absorbed into the skin and enter the epidermis. Far to often the skin, especially more mature skin, will prevent the proper absorption of these ingredients, It could be that the cuticle is too thick or even just dryness. Pre-essence products usually contain lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients that help dissolve moisture and oil into the skin to allow skincare products to be better absorbed.

You would apply most of these products after washing the face or after applying lotion. It is an “appetizer” for the skin. The products open up the skin’s appetite, increases the amount of absorption, and improve the effects of any skincare products applied afterward. Therefore, a pre-essence is an excellent item to have in your skincare collection.

The Role of Pre-Essence

Far too often, women will find that some of the products that they have used for years are not nearly as effective as they were when they first started to use them. Because of this, people start to wonder if the ingredients in the product have started to fail or if their skin has just become immune to the product. However, the real reason for their issue is that the foundation of their skin has deteriorated.

As you age, your skin dries out, the cuticles harden, and your skin will struggle to absorb oily or macromolecular products and components. A good comparison to this is an already stiff sponge; even if you add lots of nutrients to it, it will not help. Before applying nutrients and products to your skin, you must first open the skin’s channel for receiving said nutrients. Pre-essence is the key to opening these channels.

In general, pre-essence can be divided into two types. The first is used after cleansing but before lotion. The ingredients in this kind help the skin’s pores open up and moisturize the skin cells. This creates a mild and non-irritating canvas for any lotions you put on subsequently. Because it makes the skin more clean and comfortable, it also helps lotion absorb at a significantly faster rate. The other type is known as the base essence and is used after applying lotion. The base essence can be used independently or combined with other essences. It does have a slight moisturizing effect, but it is primarily used to promote the absorption of subsequent products. The ingredients and textures determine the differences between the two product types. Sometimes you can use the products interchangeably, but it is best to follow the official recommendations.

As stated previously, pre-essence needs to be used before most skincare products so that the active ingredients in the products can be better absorbed. Looking from the perspective of formula design, this product can reduce the difficulty people face when designing skincare products because this can solve the absorption problems, so many companies struggle to find solutions to. Because the absorption problem can now be solved first, there are now more options for active substances in skincare products.

After using a pre-essence, it is best to use subsequent products from the same brand whenever possible. When the same company has developed multiple products, the formulas have been considered and planned to work together well. On the other hand, when using products from separate companies, there could be similar absorption promoting ingredients in both products, which can cause irritation and discomfort.

The Difference Between Pre-Essence and General Essence

1- The Concept

Pre-essences, as the name implies, is an essence used prior to other skincare products (it can also be called an introduction essence.) Simply put, it is designed to make other products more hydrating, whitening, or anti-aging. It can up to double the effect.

The essence or general essence is an intensive care product with significantly higher nutrition than most ordinary creams and products. It contains rich, concentrated nutrients that can solve various skin problems. The essence is the nutrition while pre-essence is the transporter.

2- The Usage

Pre-essence is usually the first or second step after cleansing (sometimes it is after lotion) to adjust the skin quality to a better state and improve absorption. It is applied by taking 2- drops at a time and massaging it into the skin with your fingertips. After a little while, it is fully absorbed into the skin. The method used for a general essence serum is different. The essence is used after lotion or a different base. To apply it, you take an appropriate amount of serum and pat it gently into the skin. You can use a lotion or cream after it is completely absorbed to help the skin retain moisture.

3- Necessity

Pre-essence is not as necessary as general essence, especially for people with young skin. Still, even if you do not have youthful skin, if you can not afford a pre-essence within your budget, it is much more important to buy a serum or eye cream first. While pre-essence is beneficial in so many ways, other products are much more essential to skincare.

4- The Roles

Pre-essence contains lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients and has strong permeability; therefore, it is perfect for the keratinocytes in your skin. When you treat the keratinocytes, follow up skincare products can be absorbed fully into the skin. Its primary function is waking up the skin, opening the absorption channel to enhance follow up absorption, and it helps repair skin, especially aged skin, to a healthier state.

On the other hand, an essence is whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, and tightening. For example, most people usually concentrate on the essence of repair. Products designed for repair have apparent efficacy and very strong directivity. Most essences are only single-function products that can help you achieve the skincare effects you are looking for in a short period of time. Some of these functions are moisturizing, whitening, anti-acne, and anti-aging. These products are not as permeable as a pre-essence, but they are relatively strong. While they are not absorbed as quickly, they are highly nutritious.

5- The Ingredients

Pre-essence contains a multitude of ingredients to replenish moisture and help the skin absorb skincare products, but most of the nutrition for the skin depends on follow-up products.

The general essence, on the other hand, is a type of intensive care product that contains a much higher nutritional content than most ordinary skincare products. Many people consider it to be a condensed version of other products, with small molecules and strong penetration. It can be compared to an emulsion or cream that needs to be coated with ten layers to compete with the effect of a single layer of the essence. Finally, because pre-essences are generally lighter and tinner due to containing more water, it can be absorbed as soon as it is rubbed in, and there is usually only one kind of pre-essence fluid for each brand. The advertisement for pre-essences can also be exaggerated, it can seem like there are all kinds of effects, but in reality, the result is much more targeted.

Question and Answer

Question: How do I determine if I need to use a pre-essence?

Answer: There are businesses that advise people age twenty-five and older to use a pre-essence, but the truth is not every one of that age needs to use one. Basically, a pre-essence is most suitable for people who lack elasticity in their skin, have a texture disorder, who struggle to see the effect of their skincare, or have dry and/or rough skin. If you believe that the skincare products you have used in the past are not working as well anymore, are clearly not being absorbed as well as they have in the past, feel like a layer is floating on your face after applying products, feel like there is little to no effect, or even notice the development of new acne, you may want to consider a pre-essence to aid skin absorption.

On the other hand, if your skin does not have any of these problems and all of your skincare products can be absorbed into the skin quickly and efficiently rather than staying on the surface for so long that you have to wipe it off, you can still use a pre-essence selectively, but it is not necessarily needed. Despite most people’s recommendation, whether or not you should use a pre-essence depends on your skin condition, not your age.

Question: Can I use a pre-essence by itself to achieve optimal skincare effects?

Answer: The use of a pre-essence much be matched with other products in order to show its extraordinary effect. It is just a method of opening up your skin for better absorption.

Question: Are pre-essences suitable for people with dry skin?

Answer: People with dry skin should use more pre-essence than those with more oily skin as dry skin can struggle to absorb ingredients and products.

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