How To Use Green Tea for Skincare?

Studies conducted over the decades also indicate that regular consumption has to lead to improved bone health in patients. It also has the added benefit of preserving your brain function. That all sounds about right, the Chinese must have been drinking it for thousands of years for some logical reason. But what can Green tea do for your skin?


Benefits of green tea skincare

Problems that green tea can solve

Green tea self-made mask

Matters needing attention

Benefits of green tea skincare

As your skin is regularly a reflection of your body’s overall health, drinking green tea on a regular basis, will improve your metabolism and aid weight loss, it also helps reduce toxins in your body. All these changes in your body will have a positive effect on your skin. But Green tea is a popular option of facial care. Green tea contains many organic substances that are good for your skin.

The elevated tannin levels in Green Tea accelerate skin regeneration, reduces inflammation and heals micro-cracks. Products containing Green Tea have worked on even the most extreme cases. Being naturally rich in many types of Vitamins that have many different properties that are good for your skin. Vitamin P and Ascorbic acid help skin tone by reducing its exposure to free radicals and helps your keeps your skin looking young.

Green tea contains Vitamin K which fights pigmentation. Vitamin B helps encourage the saturation of oxygen which helps regenerate your skin cells. The caffeine and essential oils have the effect of reducing stress and other negative factors. All these substances result in dynamic and bright looking skin.

Having good blood circulation is important for the health of your skin cells. As well as containing healthy vitamins, Green teas also contain magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine, minerals that speed up your blood circulation and increase the rate that nutrients reach your skin’s cells. The natural enzymes in tea improve the creation of collagen and elasticated fibers, these help keep your skin tighter.

Problems that green tea can solve

Green tea has been proven to solve the following issues:

✔Dry skin, caused by dehydration, tea accelerates moisture replenishment

✔Helps heal weakly or atrophied skin

✔Speeds up the reduction of wrinkles.

✔Clears up unhealthy looking dark patches on our skin

✔Reduces drooping in your cheeks by increasing skin elasticity

✔It helps tackle pigmentation and unsightly freckles.

✔Reduces inflammation caused by poor skin care products and acne.

✔Help reduce the appearance of loose skin

Green tea self-made mask

How To Use Green Tea for Skincare?

The most effective way to apply green tea to your facial area is through the use of a mask. These are some of the most popular masks

Old age spots

These are caused by excessive exposure to the sun and some intestinal problems.

How to make

A tablespoon of green tea and some fresh lemon juice. (Lemon must be diluted before use)

How to use

Apply this to the affected areas, let it stay for 30 minutes. The mask should be applied every two days for a fortnight. After two weeks you should see a reduction in old age spots. Treat for longer for more effective results.

Drooping Skin

How to make

Mix green tea with a teaspoon of butter or sour cream.

How to use

Apply to the skin for 15 minutes and wash off, dry your face with paper towels

This mask is also effective, mix three tablespoons of green tea with 15 gram of wheat flour. Apply to your face for 20 minutes. Three times a week, facial massage also helps this process

Oily skin

This mask will help reduce oily quickly.

How to make

Heat tea leaves and mixes two tablespoons with fresh lemon juice and a measure of crushed cereal.

How to use

This mask should be applied for a minimum of ten days. Give your skin a break for three weeks. If your skin remains too oily, it can be reduced to a 14-day interval. Leave applied to the skin for 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Reduce frostbite or sunburn

This is a recipe for making an emulsion from green tea.

How to make

Cut three slices of lemon, a cup of hot green tea and two measures of alcohol.

How to use

Store the mixture in the fridge, this will keep it cool and help to apply it to your skin with a cotton ball. If the first application dries too quickly, feel free to apply a second layer


To provide relief from rosacea, this mask is very helpful.

How to make

Use green tea extract for this, mix three tablespoons of it with one tablespoon of chamomile tea and one tablespoon each of fresh aloe juice and glycerin. Five drops each of Mint, lavender, chrysanthemum, orange flower essential oils.

How to use

These ingredients should be mixed in a bottle, make sure to only apply this. Mixture twice a day.

The most popular option is to make a daily skincare mask, people want to enjoy the benefits of green tea on a daily basis.

Daily mask

How to make

Tips1: First create a strong brew, one tablespoon of tea to one tablespoon of boiled water. Mix in a tablespoon of sour cream. This mixture will increase skin elasticity and help slow the evidence of aging on your skin

Tips2: To prepare a nutritious and useful nursing composition, prepare 1 tablespoon olive oil (1 teaspoon). Chopped tea. Mixed ingredients. Add 2 tablespoons. Cape Phil and wheat flour.

The quality should be similar to that of thick sour cream. Spread the mixture on the surface for 20 minutes.

Applying a mask of Coconut oil and green tea is a great solution for dehydrated skin. The higher the quality of the tea that you use the better. Mix into a cream and apply to your skin for best results

Please remember these important points:

▲Always source and use only the best ingredients

▲Try not to use green tea in the evening time

▲It is not advisable to apply green tea to your skin for more than 4 days in a row.

▲As with all fave masks, if you experience any adverse reactions, please stop and consult a medical professional

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