How To Treat Frizzy Hair?

What Treatments Are There for Frizzy Hair?

Luckily, there are quite a few different treatments for frizzy hair available nowadays. As they get more popular, they also get better, less expensive, and less damaging to the hair. Below are a few of the best options to tame your frizzy hair.

Japanese Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is all the hype nowadays. It promises to make your hair straight, smooth and shiny. The first thing to know about Japanese hair straightening is that it’s a permanent solution to frizz. Once you get your hair tamed using this method, it can stay frizz-free for upwards to a year. Pretty neat!

So how does Japanese hair straightening work? Well, it essentially uses chemicals to alter the structure of each individual strand of hair. The product used is a glycolic acid derivative which is applied to the hair. When the hair is straightened, the product is activated, and the hair will stay permanently straight and frizz-free.

Brazilian Blowout

A Brazilian blowout is another permanent straightening solution which is getting increasingly popular. Like a Japanese hair straightening treatment, it promises to make your hair glossy, shiny and especially straight. One of the reasons why a Brazilian blowout is a favorite among so many women is that it does not damage the hair. Instead, it can even strengthen the hair by using a protein-based product that coats the hair, making it unable to become unstable and frizzy. In short, a Brazilian blowout makes your hair stronger, straighter, better able to resist damage and a lot better looking! This treatment usually lasts for a few months, and can only be done by an experienced and trained hairdresser.

Keratin Treatment

What if you want to eliminate frizz in your hair without straightening it out? This is where a keratin treatment comes in. This is a treatment that uses the same material that your hair is made of-keratin to strengthen it and protect it from frizz. When the keratin treatment is applied, generally in the form of a heavy mask, the hair is coated in the same keratin protein that it is made of, making it stronger and sleeker. Although it is technically a chemical treatment, you don’t need to worry about it would damage your hair.

For people with curly hair, a keratin treatment is a good way to maintain your natural curl while getting rid of all the frizz. Be careful though, the treatment will loosen your curls a little, making them less tight and affecting their overall look a bit. If you’re willing to lose some of your curliness in exchange for better definition, stronger and glossier hair, then choose it.

Once applied, a keratin treatment will make your hair healthier and frizz-free for a few months, generally around 3 or 4 months. You can get the best results from getting the treatment done at a salon, but some home treatments can also provide good results. However, some conditioners brand themselves as ‘keratin treatment” but provide little benefits to your hair aside from their conditioning effect.

Hair Botox

Hair botox is another chemical treatment, similar to a keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout. It also promises similar results: smoother, frizz-free and shiny hair. But is it chemical like botox? Actually, the product does not contain any botox. Instead, it has been given this name for the impressive results it provides, fully regenerating the hair. The great thing about hair botox is that it can take care of damaged hair and restore moisture in even the most dried, straw-like strands. It also works ideally on hair that has been bleached or colored.

During a hair botox treatment procedure, the hair stylist will apply the treatment on the hair in the form of a mask, and leave it to penetrate into hair cuticle. Once it is in the hair, the botox fills in gaps and restores protein and vitamins that the hair has lost. This makes it particularly useful for damaged hair and frizz that usually results from that kind of damage.

Which Frizzy Hair Treatment Is Right For You?

Which Frizzy Hair Treatment Is Right For You?

With all these amazing options for hair treatment, it can be hard to choose the one which is right for you. So let’s compare all of the above based on a few criteria: effectiveness, durability, damage to hair and cost.


In terms of effectiveness, many of the products described above work in a similar way. Be ready to see the most dramatic results by using Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian blowout or hair botox. As a general rule, a product that is applied in a salon will provide much better results than any home solution which you can find. The results from a keratin hair treatment may be less dramatic, although they can be very satisfying as well. Just stay away from cheap products which claim to be ‘keratin treatments’ but cannot provide the effectiveness of a salon solution.


In terms of durability, Japanese hair straightening is the real winner here. Its effectiveness lasts from 6 months to a year, meaning you won’t have to redo it before there has been significant regrowth in your hair. This is a part what justifies its price, which is a lot higher than that of other products on this list. Brazilian blowouts, keratin treatments and hair botox all last from 2 to 4 months, making them quite equivalent. In the case of a home keratin treatment, the effects may be even shorter, as the product is less effective than a salon-grade one.

Damage to hair

If you want to protect your hair while getting rid of frizz, then the best hair care for you will be hair botox. This is the only product on this list which penetrates within the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside. In fact, anyone can benefit from using it, whether they suffer from frizz or not. Next one is keratin treatment, which offers protection to hair. It forms a layer of film around hair, protecting them from external aggressors and dehydration. A Brazilian blowout is generally quite friendly to hair as well and can be used on hair that has already suffered some damages. There are some downsides too with the most dramatic results. A Japanese hair straightening may be more harmful to your hair than any other on this list. If your hair is already thin, damaged or breakable, then you’d better stay away from that treatment which would damage your hair beyond repairing.


By far the most affordable product on this list is a keratin treatment, which is sometimes under $100. Hair botox is the second less expensive, although the price could go up to $500 depending on the salon which you frequent. A Brazilian blowout is also an expensive treatment, which could cost you up to $600, all depending on the salon, the state of your hair, and its length. Finally, the most expensive treatment is a Japanese straightening, which can cost up to $800 for long hair. If you consider that it is a permanent treatment which will leave your hair straight until it grows out, then its durability could offset the cost of the product.

What Treatments Are There for Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is such a common problem, it is not a coincidence that so many products and treatments have been invented to counter it! These treatments act in different ways: some change the structure of the hair, others strengthen it, others still create a shield around it. What they all have in common is their effects: they make the hair smoother, glossier, and healthier looking. We hope that this article has helped you understand what options exist for treatment against frizzy hair, so that you can now make your own decisions and get rid of that frizz!

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