How to Remove Fat Granules Under Your Eyes?

After the fat granules appear, you may become worried, but you don’t have to. By looking at the causes of these fat granules, we can effectively eliminate them and avoid any more in the future.

What is a fat granule?

Fat granule, also known as milia, forms as a small, usually white bump on your skin, and they often appear under eyes. These bumps are tiny keratin filled cysts (do not be alarmed, cyst just means it contains a liquid) blocked by skin cells or other materials.

What are the types of fat granules?

There are two typles: mature granules and immature granules.

The mature type is very recognizable as it is a white, round, prominent bump in the skin that can feel tough.

The immature is not fully formed yet so can be smaller and more simple to treat, but harder to catch.

Keep in mind that if a fat granule form in your eye, instead of around or under it, it is best to leave it to beauty salons and hospitals to treat it as it is easy to leave scars and cause other issues when trying to treat fat granules inside the eye.

Why Do Fat Granules Form?

Overly Oily or Nutritious Eye Skincare

If your eye skincare product has too many nutrients or is overly oily, the oils and nutrients cannot be totally absorbed by the skin. Over time the nutrients and oils will block the pores and gradually form a fat granule.

Endocrine Disorders

Your endocrine system controls your glands that secrete hormones and other substances. There are endocrine disorders that can lead to your face secreting an abundant amount of facial oil. When you have this kind of endocrine disorder, combined with not thoroughly cleaning the skin often enough, it can result in pore blockage. When your pores become blocked, excess oil can not escape, and fat granules will begin to form.

Eye Fatigue and Dryness

The skin in the human eyes is the thinnest skin there is. When you add a day of work and studying, increased exhaustion, and frequent blinking, the skin around the eyes become tired and dry. When the skin is tired and dry, it is significantly easier for fat particles to form and become fat granules.

Eat A Lot Of Greasy Food

When you eat a lot of oil (in foods such as meat or those with high sugar content), excess oil can form and can then be excreted in the face. And when this happens, pores can become clogged from oils and fat particles. When this happens, fat granules can form.

How To Remove Fat Granules Under Your Eyes?

Preventative Measures

Avoid Small Wounds Caused by Excessive Friction

Small wounds and skin damage around your eyes can cause the skin to weaken, making it more susceptible to the formation of fat granules. By avoiding these damages, you can significantly decrease your chances of getting fat granules.

When applying eye cream, use a piano playing technique (gently tapping the skin with different fingers) to reduce unnecessary pulling and massaging. Do not use exfoliating products on the skin around your eye. Your skin here is especially sensitive and susceptible to micro-tears when exfoliating. Avoid inflammation caused by sunlight. Be sure to use sun protection around and under your eyes (this can also alleviate eye aging) and remember to wear sunglasses and even use sunshade umbrellas.

Proper Cleaning to Ensure Unclogged Pores

Paying particular attention to facial cleaning will ensure that your cores remain unclogged. If you can, try to reduce the amount of heavy makeup you wear (as this will quickly clog your pores) and be sure to use refreshing skincare products and eye creams, not only ones. Also, be sure to adhere to a regular regimen of washing your face (at least daily), wearing cleansing face masks, and gently exfoliating the skin. Doing this will remove horniness, excess grease, and even reduce aging.

Choose a Good Eye Cream

Do not apply thick layers of eye cream as it will not only waste the product but causes sweat gland blockage leading to fat granules. It is also essential to choose the right eye cream, which does not have to mean expensive. You must apply eye cream after the application of water or an emulsion-type cream (one with nourishing ingredients that is easy to absorb)— especially as you get older (after twenty-five.)

If you are over the age of thirty, you can choose a cream with a higher nutritional ingredient, but it is still important to pay attention to the nutritional status of your skin. If you do not need much nutrition and you add it, fat granules will form.

Clean Skin After Exercising or Sweating

Sweat attaches itself to the skin and can cause build up in pores. On top of this, if there is a wound in the skin, the sweat can cause bacterial infection, so it is important to clean off your skin as soon as possible after you complete an activity that caused sweating.

Replace Expired Skincare Products

When you use a skincare product, and you notice a correlation between the use of it and fat granules, stop using it immediately and replace it with a more refreshing skincare product. It is also important to replace old skincare products, most skincare products expire six months to a year after you open them, but you can find specifics to all products easily.


Fat granules can be annoying, but they are also avoidable. By using good skincare products, avoiding the wrong kinds of makeup, and protecting the metabolic ability of your skin will help you avoid the bothersome bumps. If they seem to occur often no matter what you do, you may want to consult a health care professional about medical treatment and avoidance.

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