How to Grow Your Eyebrows

Why are Eyebrows so Important

1- Protect Your Eyes

This is the functional reason as to why your eyebrows are so important. Some people even call them the “guardians of the eyes,” which actually makes a lot of sense. Eyebrows are a natural barrier to protect your eyes effectively. For instance, when your face (or more specifically your forehead) is sweating, the eyebrows catch and stop any sweat from flowing right down into your eyes, which can burn quite a bit if it does happen. Additionally, on rainy days or when unknown objects like dirt and dust are falling down into your delicate eyes, your eyebrows act as a barrier.

2- Beauty

The more modern and less functional role of eyebrows is the role they play in developing a person’s facial features. Because of their location above your eyes, eyebrows play an essential role in describing expressions and beauty. Stretching, raising, pinching, or sagging of an eyebrow can enrich facial expression to reflect complex internal emotions such as anger, joy, and sorrow.

If your eyebrows are thick, they can easily express what you are feeling, and you can shape them and change them without much fear of losing your whole eyebrow, but this is not always true for those with really thin or sparse eyebrows. If this is the case for you, there are various ways to increase eyebrow growth.

Eyebrows have a natural growth cycle, just like any other hair on your body. They grow and fall off at regular intervals, so you do not have to fret if you notice times when your eyebrows are thinner or see a hair or two fall off. People often see eyebrow hair loss and begin to fear that something is wrong with them, but nothing is, and there is no reason to worry. It is the natural growth cycle, and because it is a cycle, it is possible to change it with time.

How Do Eyebrows Grow

The length of your eyebrows is linked to your hair follicles. The basal part of each and every hair follicle has several blood vessels extending into the hair. The blood vessels communicate with branches of other vessels in the lower part of the follicle, which forms a capillary network to the papillary part. Through these networks of blood circulation, the nutrients required for hair growth are provided.

In addition to blood circulation, eyebrow growth also depends on nerve and endocrine regulation. Endocrine includes the pituitary, gonad, thyroid, adrenal, and more, meaning, mental stress, and physiological conditions can affect the endocrine system. During stressful times, there may be more eyebrow hair loss than others.

The cycle of growth for your eyebrows is the same as the cycle for your regular hair. There is a rapid growth stage after a hair falls out, but then it slows down and eventually stops altogether (this is more like other body hair rather than the hair on your head.) Three to nine months after the growth slows and stops, the hair will fall off, and then the rapid growth begins again, and the cycle is repeated.

Why Do Some People Have Thin Eyebrows?

1- Hereditary

Sometimes it is just genetics. If your relatives have thin eyebrows, you probably will too. But if it is not hereditary, there are several other factors it could be.

2- High Pressure

Modern society has a quick rhythm full of intense competition, which can create stress and pressure. Countless research studies have shown that stress and high pressure can cause eyebrow growth to slow and the hair to fall out while also speeding up the aging process and produce wrinkles. If this is the case, the only thing that can help you is to release some of that pressure and learn to let yourself relax.

3- Over Dieting

Most people think dieting is a healthy way to live, and it can be for certain periods of time for certain people, but the problem with too much dieting is that it can cause your body to lack certain nutrients. The main component of human hair is keratin and keratin is made up of protein and iron. While dieting, the body often gets less of these nutrients and starves the hair of the nutrients it requires. When hair lacks iron, it first becomes frizzy and dull and inevitably falls off in more significant quantities.

4- Endocrine Disorder/Hormonal Imbalance

Because your endocrine system and various hormones are so key to the growth and health of your eyebrows, an imbalance or problem in this system can create problems. You can also improve or worsen these disorders and imbalances with lifestyle choices and daily diet.

5- Disease

Excessive secretion from your sebaceous glands can cause eyebrow hair to fall off. This excessive secretion can be linked to several different diseases.

People attach importance to how their eyebrows look. They are willing to buy expensive products and makeup to make sure that their eyebrows are attractive, but it can be hard for some girls to achieve natural, full eyebrows without makeup, and this can be a source of great upset. So what methods can help people grow eyebrows thicker without makeup?

How to Grow Your Eyebrows

1- Ginger

It is a common practice to apply a ginger mixture onto the scalp for hair growth, so it makes sense that it can also work for eyebrows. Ginger contains an element known as gingerol that stimulates skin cells, speeds up blood circulation, and increases the rate of cell metabolism. Because of this, ginger can promote thicker eyebrows naturally (without chemicals.) Keep in mind that ginger can be irritating, so if this method hurts or causes discomfort, stop using it, and try another method.

2- Tea

Many teas contain things such as vitamins, amino acids, polyphenols, and catechins, which all have a moisturizing effect. Make a cup of tea (not for drinking) and allow it to cool. Once it has moistened a cotton swab either before you go to bed or in the morning before you apply any makeup, with the cotton swab, apply the tea to the eyebrows, and you will find that your eyebrows grow thicker and faster with time.

3-Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is rich in vitamins A and D, making it an excellent supplement for the nutrients needed for hair growth, and don’t worry: you do not have to eat it. Dip a cotton swab into cod liver oil and apply it to the roots of your eyebrows. Applying in the morning and night will allow you to see an obvious change within about a month.

4-Olive Oil

There are so many benefits to olive oil for all sorts of beauty care. For instance, many people use it to promote eyelash growth. Because it is a common household ingredient, it is a great option for eyebrow growth in addition to eyelashes. Applying it to the roots of your eyebrows every day can speed up growth and make eyebrows supple.

5-Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a more common method for eyebrow and eyelash growth, as it is known to make them longer. It typically comes in a pill form, but it is essential to apply it directly to the eyebrows rather than orally taking the pill to produce the best results.

6-Eyebrow Growth Serum

Some people want a more clinical approach to growing out their eyebrows. If this is the case for you, you can buy an eyebrow growth serum to promote follicle development and promote normative growth. More natural products, rather than chemical-based ones, will do similar things as these other methods. The serum will supply your eyebrow with the natural nutrients it needs to grow.


By merely massaging your eyebrows, you can stimulate hair growth. When using this method, focus on the lower area with low intensity. You can use your fingers to massage along the shape of the eyebrow slowly or gently comb them,

8-Onion Juice

This is a must less common method as it can smell less the pleasant and may cause crying (because onions make you cry), but it is a great option nonetheless. Cut the onion, squeeze the juice out to the surface and then wipe a piece of it onto your eyebrows. Keep in mind that just like ginger, onion can be irritating to the skin, and you should stop at any discomfort. Additionally, do not allow the juice to fall into your eyes.


Milk is full of proteins, vitamin B, calcium, lactic acid, and more, so it can promote eyebrow growth. Soak a cotton swab, smear it on the eyebrows, repeat several times, and wash it off after the milk is dry.

10-Lemon Juice

Lemons are full of vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to eyebrows. Cut a slice of fresh lemon and spread it onto your eyebrows. Let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash off. For added benefit, you can put the lemon slices in coconut oil for fifteen days and then put them on your eyebrows before going to bed.

Q and A

Q: Can I increase eyebrow growth by adjusting your diet?

A: Yes, try to have a balanced diet. Eat more iron-rich foods such as black beans, eggs, and bananas to provide nutrition to your hair follicles.

Q: I found that my eyebrows fell off recently; could it be related to my pregnancy?

A: Maybe. At the end of pregnancy, a woman’s hair enters a resting phase, and new hair will not grow until after childbirth. Because of this, some people have thin eyebrows at the end of their pregnancy. But it could also be any of the other reasons listed earlier in the article.

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