How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally

More often than not, dark circles appear after giving birth or during pregnancy due to lack of sleep and sleeping disorders. But, they can also appear for many other health-related reasons.

Also, there are various methods that could help to get rid of dark circles around the eye. However, symptoms and treatments may differ, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, from one person to the other.

In this article, we will go through everything related to dark circles and answer the most common questions such as why we get dark circles, how to get rid of them, and what are the types of dark circles. As well as, providing tips on how to protect yourself from this annoying skin abnormality.

What are dark circles

As the name implies, dark circles are the pigmentation of the eye resulting from the formation of chronic hypoxia, and eventually leading to dark blood and stagnant flow. This will allow dark tissues to start appearing, giving that scary, dark, and puffy eyelids that we all want to avoid.

Mainly, dark circles are divided into 2 common colors. The first is blue-black, which is essentially formed by the blood stasis of the vein in the microvessels around the eye. And the second color is dark brown one, this is initially formed by slow metabolism of the body and melanin production.

What Causes circles

The reason we get dark circles may differ from one person to another, it all depends on our body functions. Dark circles are caused by many different factors, from lack of sleep and aging to just being a genetic reason.

Dark circles are definitely worrisome and annoying. So, before we disclose how to avoid and remove dark circles, we need to get into all the possible reasons that can cause it, in detail. So that eventually, you would find the solution the will best suit your condition.

Lack of Sleep

This is the main issue with pregnant women and new moms. They tend to stay up all night with the newborns until they develop a chronic sleeping disorder that eventually results in dark circles appear around the eyes. Staying up all night will cause the body to be at a constant level of stress. This will deprive the body of practicing its natural supplemented consumption and its hormonal synthesis.

And as the largest organ of the body, the skin will be the first place to translate that there is an internal environmental disorder with the normal body functions. Hence, dark circles formation around the eye takes place as one of the symptoms to illustrate that disorder.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise and working out will reduce your overall body’s metabolism exponentially. In fact, studies show that exercising is considered to be the main factor in promoting blood circulation and metabolism, giving the skin its natural shiny glow.


Naturally, aging will make the skin around the eye very loose. due to the reduction of natural fats under the skin in that area and accumulated UV damage as the skin’s defense ability is weakened. This will most likely cause various skin inflammations and dark circles appearance.


This reason is out of our control. Genes are passed from parents to children, and more often than not, dark eyes are caused because of genetic reasons. Also, they are not developed through time, like most cases. But, dark eyes are genetically transferred, babies will be born with a significant darker skin around the eye when compared to the rest of the body.

Makeup removals

Sometimes, we do not fully remove our makeup. This will lead to the accumulation of makeup residue that will pile up over time and eventually be the reason why dark circles are developed.

Diseases, allergies, and deficiencies

Dark circles might be the outcome of a specific deficiency or a disease in the body, as well as an allergy reaction to a medication or certain beauty products applied on the skin.

We compiled a detailed list to illustrate the most common diseases and deficiencies that may cause dark circles to appear.

Kidney Diffecincy

Kidney deficiencies may cause dark circles to appear around the eyes. the good news is, dark circles existence is temporary in this case.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, kidney deficiencies will drain our bodies out of energy and give the eyes a lazy look with pale features.

Gastrointestinal diseases

Suffering from gastrointestinal disease or any disease related to the digestive system will cause dark circles formation.

Nose allergies

If you have allergic rhinitis, causing your nose to be runny constantly throughout the year. It will be the reason why you see dark circles around your eye. This is mainly due to the long-term retention of blood in the microvascular vein of the eye.

Gynaecological disease

For women, this is considered the main cause of dark circles. Gynecological diseases and irregularities such as long menstrual periods, ovarian diseases, uterine bleeding, unstable and excessive menstruation.

What are the types of dark circles

After covering the main reasons why dark circles develop and appear on our faces, we have to be aware of what are the different types of dark circles so we can treat them accordingly. There are only 3 types of dark circles in total. We will be covering all the points for those 3 types, as well as explaining and simplifying all the medical terms.

Pigmented dark circles

Pigmented dark circles are simply caused by anything related to sunburns, eczema, smoking, and drug abuse. As well as, factors caused since we’re born, these factors are not acquired or caused by a direct effect on our bodies, but rather congenital factors that are out of our hands.

Vascular dark circles

Vascular dark circles are always associated with staying up late and sleeping disorders. When we don’t regularly sleep enough, we directly exhaust our eyes, and when the eyes are tired, blood circulation around it becomes rough and very dull, lowering the much-needed oxygen level around the eyes and causing the vessels in that area to turn to a darker color. Especially, that the skin around the eye is very thin, so dark circles become quickly obvious in that case.

Although it is always related to lack of sleep, vascular dark circles may appear for many other reasons. Such as nose allergies, anemia, an endocrine disorder, and general eye fatigue. Basically, anything will affect blood circulation around the eye, will cause vascular dark circles. From a medical point of view, bad blood circulation will increase the hemoglobin, and damage the blood vessels around the eyes. Resulting in the dark cyan-purple color appearance on the skin.

Structure/Shadow dark circles

Aging is the main reason behind this type of dark circles. Mainly, it is caused by swelling of the eye or the depression of the lacrimal sulcus, which is the anterior inferior part of the bone that houses tears. All that will eventually make the skin thinner and flabby due to suborbital fat loss. Nevertheless, aging causes eye socket depression as the cheeks start drooping naturally, which helps dark circles to appear around the eye.

How to get rid of dark circles

So, after learning the main causes and types of dark circles formation. The most important question at this point is, how to get rid of them, and what are the most effective methods to protect your skin from developing dark circles.

There are 2 common ways of removing dark circles, either by surgery or by using organic and natural remedies. It will all depend on your personal preference. Some methods are faster than the others and some are much safer. So, we will divide the answer for this question into 2 sections to cover both methods in detail and go through them one-by-one.

Cosmetic surgery

This has been proven to be an effective and fast method to remove dark circles, so below are the different types of cosmetic surgeries, explained.


Filling injections are extremely popular among older and aging women. This method treats loose and thin parts of the skin by injecting common fillings such as autogenous fat fillings, hyaluronic acid fillings, which keeps the skin hydrated and pump, and many more. The fillings are usually injected in the orbital dermis, which is the thick layer under the skin. It provides the strength and flexibility the skin needs to make it glow.

Potential patients with the vascular, or shadow type dark circles, will most likely use this treatment method to get rid of them.


The laser method helps in treating and removing pigmented dark circles. There are various types of lasers such as the Q-switched ruby laser, emerald laser, the ND YAG laser, and many more. they all have different purposes, features. and wavelengths. Simply the procedure is done by applying the laser on the skin through different wavelengths, depending on the size and the condition of the dark circles.

Sometimes this method is also combined with external treatment, using retinoic acid to mediate the functions of Vitamin A and gives your skin the proper growth and improvement it requires.

Radio Frequency

This treatment method is considered to be the most comfortable and the most effective to get rid of the dark circles around your eyes. As it does not involve the usage of any instruments during the treatment process. Basically, the dark circles’ removal is done by transmitting wave energy deep into the skin, to heat the inner tissues in order to reduce dark circles by accelerating metabolism, And ultimately, tighten the wrinkled and loose parts of the skin.

Intense pulsed lights

The intense pulsed lights treatment method is a technology that depends on the use of a flash-like light in different wavelengths. Technically, the light pulses are absorbed by the skin and convert into heat. Then, the heat destroys all kinds of pigmented cells detected and freezes the microvessels. This method is very effective with the structural type of dark circles.

Natural and home remedies.

A lot of people prefer natural ways when it comes to skincare and mild skin complications. Although, using natural remedies will all depend on many factors such as the severity of the dark circles, as well as the urgency. A lot of studies have found out that the natural ways and home remedies are as effective as cosmetic surgeries, but they might take more time.

In the below section, we will introduce several ways that can help you remove dark circles naturally and at home.

Warm compress

warm compress is a well-known home remedy for increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, as well as accelerating its circulation. It is highly recommended by many doctors and medical professionals for removing dark circles at home.

-How to apply

It is easily applied by preparing a clean towel and lukewarm water. Then, you should start soaking the towel in the water from 1-2 minutes. After that take the towel and twist it until it is fully dry. Finally, put the towel on your eyes for 5 minutes and gently start patting your eyes with the towel with you your hand. Repeat the process as many times as you can, and try to make it a habit as it protects and enhances the skin’s glow.

Potato slices

Potatoes are a popular and rich source of vitamins such as vitamin A and B. Hence, it has been proven to be really beneficial when it comes to skincare. It maintains the skin’s elasticity and vibrancy, as well as delaying the aging of the skin.

-How to apply

The process is very simple. Just start by peeling and slicing the potato then put those slices on your eyes and rinse them for not less than 5 minutes. Each slice should be around 2mm thick.


This is an incredible remedy because eggs are full of eye antioxidants that many people are not aware of. Eggs increase the blood flow and circulation of the eye, showing some wonderful and effective results on the skin.

-How to apply

After peeling off the shell of the hard-boiled egg, slice it up to thin slices and gently put those slices on your eyes for as long as you can.

Effective natural ingredients for dark cells

This is regarding all the effective ingredients in the skincare products we buy such as creams, and also important healthy ingredients found in food and supplements. You have to be aware of the active ingredient in the product you buy or the food you eat, just to make sure it will be beneficial to your skin and overall well-being, This is a very crucial thing to do. Especially, before applying any product on your skin, so as to avoid any medical complications on your body, in case your skin is very sensitive.


Retinol is normally found in vegetables, eggs, and fish-liver oil products. In fact, Retinol is also known as vitamin A. Its main function is to regulate the metabolism of the body, so it is effective in diluting pigments and removing dark circles.

Just beware that people that use retinol for the first time may experience skin peeling and shredding, which is considered to be one of the most common side effects of retinol.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is rich in food like wheat germ oil, eggs, and leafy vegetables. It is able to be dissolved in fats and oils and its main substance is called tocopherol. Tocopherol is one of the most important and essential antioxidants to reduce any oxidative damages in the body. If you follow a diet or a supplement that is rich in vitamin E, rest assured the black circles will disappear gradually but sustainably.

Glycyrrhiza uralensis roots

It is also known as Chinese liquorice and it is a plant that is originally from Asia used in traditional Chinese medicine for years. This plant promotes skin activity and is used as an anti-aging medicine and remedy in the field of cosmetics.

Green tea

Green tea polyphenols are also considered among the top most effective strong anti-oxidants. This is a very good remedy to reduce any abnormal behavior of the skin. Green tea polyphenols also play a very important role in inhibiting the activity of xanthine oxidase, which is a type of enzyme that generates reactive oxygen species.


It is also known as vitamin B3, nicotinamide is often used as an active ingredient in medicine and pharmaceutical products as it is perfectly safe and effective. it reduces the formation of melanin and dark circles and prevents their transfer to the cells on the surface, such as the case with dark circles appearing on our faces. It is also known for the metabolism acceleration of the cells and moisture content maintenance in our bodies. Nicotinamide is specifically helpful with the aging of the skin, eliminating wrinkles, and reducing face darkening and dullness.

Coenzyme Q10

It is also known as Ubiquinone, coenzyme Q10 is a strong lipophilic antioxidant and considered to be a great source of energy to body cells. It is a small molecular material that can easily penetrate the skin and improve its skin repair and cells reproduction ability. Plus, coenzyme Q10 is also used to achieve the anti-aging effect on the skin, as well as wrinkles and the dark circles, especially in the fishtail lines of the eye.

Palm seed oil

Palm seed oil or palm kernel oil is extracted from the kernel of the palm fruit. It is rich in many low-level fatty acids. It is not at all like palm oil, although it is very similar to coconut oil. It is very healthy to the skin and the whole body, proving a very sufficient antioxidant effect, and helps in delaying aging of the skin.

Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4

This is an anti-aging skin rejuvenation compound, used as a skin conditioner, an antioxidant, and a moisturizer in the cosmetics world. It contains 5 amino acids, all linked together to offer the perfect remedy for the skin.

Polyglutamic acid

Ployglutamic acid is known for one important thing above all, enhancing the activity of the fibroblast cells. Which produces more healthy connected skin tissues and eventually an active and vibrant looking skin. It is commonly used for in cosmetics for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle purposes.

Glycosyl trehalose

Glycosyl trehalose forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin to maintain skin vitality and smoothness. it moisturizes the skin and gives it a soft touch and feel to it, as well as resisting the aging process of the skin. Bottom line is, Glycosyl trehalose is one of the most effective and highly recommended methods to get rid of dark circle and maintain the overall health condition of your skin.

Gingko biloba

Gingko biloba is very a popular supplement used as herbal medicine. it contains flavonoid glycoside which is a class of plant and fungus, combined with an amino acid to enhance collagen in the body. it is used to strengthen a large amount of vascular endothelial cells. Specifically, cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, forming an interface between circulating blood and the rest of the vessel wall and ultimately enhancing the blood flow in the skin and helps to prevent the formation of dark circles and purple spots.

Panax ginseng

Known as the Asian ginseng. It is a species of plant that grows in the mountains of Eastern Asia. It is a great natural solution to prevent skin dehydration and increase its tenderness and elasticity. Also, it has the ability to reducing the amount of melanin in the body, which helps in whitening and smoothing the skin.

Walnut leaf extract

Walnut leaf extraction helps to remove and prevent dark circles and aging caused by skin oxidation. It reduces the production of harmful reactive oxygen species and any uncharged molecules in the skin that result in cell damage.

Batyl alcohol

A popular product in the cosmetics industry, Batyl alcohol is used as a softner and a skin conditioner. It is one of the safest products in the skincare category. It is really good for increasing white blood cells in the body and reducing any radiation effect caused by our phones, causing some sorts of skin complications.


Escin is a natural anti-swelling mixture that protects the structure of the arterial vessels and improves vein functions. This substance is a multi-functional anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, enhancing blood circulation and effectively healing wounds faster. Hence, playing a great part in removing dark circles and protecting your skin. Specifically, escin helps to protect capillaries by filling tiny and significantly visible gaps in small veins and capillaries

Kanzou ekisu

Known as the whitening gold. Kanzou ekisu has a very strong anti-oxidant functional component that is effective with skin decolorization of the skin. it is mainly famous for whitening, desalination and soothing the skin. and is proven to be a great method to protect the skin from dark circles.


Glutathione is another natural method that can be used in anti-aging, skin protection, skin whitening, and skin protection from browning and dark spots. It is also well-known for moisturizing the skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated



The common questions related to dark circles that many of you might concern about.

Why do fat granules occur when I apply eye cream?

The main reason is that the eye cream product you are using is too greasy. This will weaken the skin around the eye, especially the parts that cannot absorb the cream. It is highly recommended that at this point you stop applying that product to your skin and replace it with another eye cream product. You should always seek the proper consultation and advice of trusted beauty salons and medical professionals when it comes to using a new skincare product. Ideally, the best eye cream product is one that balances between water and oil. to maintain the metabolism level of the skin around that area.

Do eye skin massagers remove dark circles?

Eye skin massagers do speed up the blood circulation around the eyes. They help to relieve eye fatigue and also they help to absorb any applied eye cream. Eye skin massagers do have an effect on dark circles, but you cannot totally depend on them to fully remove your dark circles.

Do steam eye masks help to relieve eye fatigue and do they remove dark circles?

Technically, steam masks affect the parts surrounding the eyeball through heat. They do help to enhance blood flow and circulation around that area, so they are proven to be very beneficial, especially with relieving eye fatigue after a long day at work or studying. It can be used as many times as you feel like. But basically, when it comes to dark circles, steam eye masks would be one of many factors that help you remove those circles, such as a regular diet for example. It is generally similar to applying a hot towel but with more convenience.

What is the effect of the laser removal method of dark circles on the skin?

Laser treatments are very effective with very fast results. they improve blood circulations and skin metabolism, as well as enhancing lymphatic circulations. treatments may vary depending on your condition, but generally, it will take anywhere between 3-5 sessions before seeing results.

What to do in the case of getting dark circles as a result of spleen deficiency?

There are 5 essential types of food that have to be included in your diet,

  • Lentinus edodes

It plays a crucial role in improving spleen and stomach problems. Although, if you suffer from major skin diseases such as measles, it is not advised to eat it.

  • Jujube

The jujube fruit is also effective in improving the spleen and strengthening the stomach. If you suffer from spleen deficiency problems, it is highly recommended to eat a little jujube on a daily basis to start nourishing your blood.

  • Yam

Yam is very helpful to the kidney. And it also has a very positive effect on the spleen and the lung.

  • Chinese chestnut

Perfect for muscles and bones, as well as spleen difference and dark circles. The only drawback of the Chinese chestnut is that it has to be avoided in case you have any kind of abdominal distress as it will complicate that distension.

  • Sweet potato

On the long run, sweet potatoes can help improving spleen deficiencies and dark circles. But, dietary fiber is relatively rich, so eating too much of it will cause digestive problems.

How to properly apply eye cream on my face?

-Step 1

Clean your hands thoroughly and squeeze a small piece of the cream, ideally to be the size of a grain of rice

-Step 2

Apply the cream on the upper and lower eyelids and the corner of your eye. and start massaging it gently with your ring finger.

-Step 3

Gently press with 2 fingers to ease the process of the cream absorption.


It is optional at this point to use an eye massager for better rubbing so that the cream can be absorbed properly.

How old should I be, before I start using eye cream products?

The answer to this question is relatively subjective, and it will vary from one person to another. So, it is not applicable to judge the necessities of applying an eye cream product based on age. It will all depend on the dryness of the skin, you can use eye creams at an early age if necessary. But normally, it is advised that you start using eye cream around the age of 25 since young women and teenagers mostly have healthy and vibrant skins. So eye cream would not be required at that young age, only a good moisturizer would be enough.

Can I permanently remove dark circles?

The short answer is NO. Although, they can be fully removed by many effective methods such as surgery, the therapeutic effect of dark circles removal is temporary, lasting anywhere between 6 to 12 months maximum. Taking care and following certain precautions can sustain your skin with no dark circles for a longer period. However, it is almost impossible to permanently remove them.



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