How to Choose a Lipstick and How to Apply it Perfectly?

Lipsticks can complete your entire look. Whether it’s a bright red or a simple nude, your lips are the focus. Here are some straightforward tips to give you a foolproof way to apply your favorite lipsticks.

What Should Be Done Before Applying Lipstick?

Applying lipstick on chapped lips can make it look uneven. And it may clump and look very dry. In order to get the best look possible you’ll need to start with healthy, moisturized lips.

  • Exfoliate

A lip scrub is essential to healthy looking lips. Simply massage the scrub over your lips to remove all the dead skin. There are all different types of scrubs; some even flavored.

  • Moisturize

After using the scrub, your lips will need some moisture. Apply lip balm and leaving it on your lips a few moments, then wipe the excessive oil.

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly?

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly?

  • Primer

A lip primer is similar to the primer used before applying foundation. Its purpose is to provide a smooth surface for the lipstick. A good primer can help the lipstick last longer while soothing the lips.

  • Lipstick

Apply lipstick. Remember to finish all your other makeups first and leave the lips in the end. If you plan on using a bold lip you may want to tone down your eye makeup. A dramatic eye and bold lip color may be a bit too much, especially for a daytime look.

  • Definition

To define your lips even more you can take a pencil with either a white or nude color and trace the heart shape portion of your top lip (cupid’s bow).

  • Lip Gloss

Follow with a lip gloss. Dab a little in the center of the top and bottom lips to avoid a goopy buildup in the corners of your mouth. That’s definitely not a good look.

Lip liner-Yes or No?

There’s always a debate about using lip liner or not. If used correctly, lip liner can be a great tool but otherwise you may look like a dated 90s supermodel. We’ll take a look at both situations and you can decide whether to choose it or not.

  • Applying a Lip Liner

Lip liners get a bad rap, that’s mainly due to poor color selection or overdrawn lips. If you choose the right shade or even go with a nude color, there are many benefits to applying a lip liner. The main benefit is that it outlines your lips. It gives you a guide when applying your lipstick. It can also add a bit of definition and keep your lipstick from fading.

  • Applying Without a Lip Liner

A separate lip liner isn’t needed to apply lipstick. The pointed end of the lipstick can be used to outline your lips. If that’s too hard, use a cotton swab to trace your lips and then apply the lipstick as stated above.

How to Choose Lipstick Shades?

There are so many shades of lipstick to choose from and this can make your head spin. Not only that but there are different kinds of lipsticks; matte, creams, sheer, etc. It may be a good idea to consult a cosmetics pro to decide upon the shades that will work best for you.

The rule of thumb when picking a shade is not to pick one darker than your lipstick. Once you’ve got your shade, you can apply from either the lipstick tube or use a brush. Either way you should start in the center and move in short strokes outward. It may be necessary to apply two or three more coats until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

How to Apply Lipstick on Dark Lips?

If you have darker lips you may have struggled applying sheer colors or lighter pinks. The solution isn’t to throw out those lipsticks but to use some concealer to even out your pigmented lips. Then it’s as simple as lining your lips and applying your favorite shade of lipstick. Not only will this work for darker lips but it’s a simple tip for lipstick colors you may not like. The concealer can change how the color looks on your lips so you may not have to ditch all those old shades after all!

How to Apply Lipstick on Small Lips?

If you’re looking to get fuller lips, you don’t have to spend the money on lip fillers and injections. Cosmetics can do wonders. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve that look.

If you have smaller lips you could try the cupid’s bow trick mentioned above. Highlighting the cupid’s bow can make your lips appear fuller.

Another tip is to overline your lips. This can be tricky to do because you want it to appear natural. You’ll need to just slightly extend the line of your lips with a liner. Don’t overdo it or it’ll look very unnatural.

How to Remove Lipstick?

Now that the night’s coming and it’s time to remove your makeup! There are just a few steps involved to remove your lip stain. Dab a cotton ball or washcloth with coconut oil and wipe away any lipstick residue. Coconut oil is an extremely hydrating and inexpensive makeup remover. It can also be used to remove the rest of your makeup on your face and it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

You can use makeup remover wipes as well. This is another affordable option that will not only remove your lipstick but all your other makeups. In addition, they’re easy to carry along in your purse.

How to Choose Lipstick Shades?

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