How Do Girls Choose the Hairstyle that Suits Them

Choose a Suitable Hairstyle According to Age

Typically, the younger you are, the more you can experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors because your younger (hopefully healthier) hair can take, and it is just considered more socially acceptable. In your teens and twenties, you can find all sorts of different ways to express yourself.

The thirties is when most people are beginning to start a family, making big moves in their career, or both. Because there is such a diverse range of things you could be doing in your thirties, it is best to pick a hairstyle that works for your lifestyle. At home with kids? It may be easier to go short, so it is less to maintain. Are you living the single life in a bustling city? Maybe try long, sexy beach waves.

It is a common misconception that you have to go short in your forties, and while you totally can do that, you do not have to. The most critical thing for your hair in your forties is that you take good care of your hair as it will start to get brittle. No matter the length you choose, you should avoid putting harmful chemicals in your hair, get treatments such as hot-oil treatments done, and get your hair trimmed regularly.

As you get older, do not feel like you are limited. As long as you have been keeping good care of your hair, you have lots of options. If you want to feel/look younger, color your hair as it turns gray and choose a sleek hair cut. You may choose to go short as it will shape your face and highlight youthful features, or you may decide to keep a long, youthful cut. And if you chose to gray, wear it with confidence, gray is sexy.

Choose a Suitable Hairstyle According to the Size and Shape of Your Forehead

If you have a short/small forehead, you may want to choose short, choppy bangs. You can do this with any hair length, and it will present the illusion of length. You want to keep the bangs short because longer bangs will spill over a short forehead and give away just how small it is. Though you can do this (and it looks good) with any hair length, often people will shorter foreheads prefer a shorter cut as well.

If you have a longer/broad forehead, you can also use bangs (longer bangs this time) to hide the size of your forehead, but you should also add layers into your hair. Long, stick-straight hair without dimension can elongate your face, but by adding layers, you will give your hair dimension and texture that will draw attention away from the face.

Choose a Suitable Hairstyle According to Face Shape

If you have a more rectangular face, you want to find a haircut that softens your jawline without further elongating your face. Soft layers are a great way to highlight your cheekbones and soften the edges of your face, but you should generally avoid too much length. If you do decide you want a longer hairstyle, try curls, waves, or a blowout as the volume will soften the edges of your face.

If your face is more oval, you have a wide range of hairstyles that work for you. You can decide to cut your hair short into a bob or lob or even let it grow out long. If you do decide to go for a longer hair cut, you can style your hair with waves or curls to avoid elongating your face. Because there are so many options for your face shape, another great way to decide is by basing your hairstyle around your natural part.

For a heart-shaped face (one with a broad forehead and narrow chin), you will typically want a haircut that narrows your forehead area and widens your chin. For example, getting a side-sweeping bang will cover part of your forehead and lead other’s eyes down towards your jaw. Pairing this with a shorter cut such as a bob will undoubtedly result in a fuller-looking jaw.

If your face is square-shaped, you most likely want a hair cut that will soften your broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and jawline. The best way to do this is with long layers and a side part. If you prefer a shorter cut, you could also go for a layered bob or lob, but you may want to pair it with side-swept bangs to draw attention away from your forehead and towards your cheekbones.

A diamond face shape is a very angular face shape with the widest point being the cheekbones. If you are looking to soften these angles, a deep side part and medium to long layers or waves will do the trick. On the other hand, if you are looking to widen your jaw, a bob cut at your chin can do this easily.

If you have a round face, you are probably looking to add definition. There are two great ways to do that. One, you can add staggered layers starting at the jawline. Second, you can go for a flattering, short, choppy, pixie cut. The main things you want to avoid are bobs and single length cuts, as these will highlight the roundness of your face.

If you have a triangular face shape, you should balance out the bottom heavy qualities of your face. For this, you can pick a hairstyle similar to those for round face shape. You can either opt for long layers or for a shorter cut, a choppy pixie. Keep in mind you should probably avoid long bangs that hide your already narrow forehead.

Choose a Suitable Hairstyle for Your Profession

Some companies already have limits in place for what you can do with your hair. For instance, they may require you to keep your hair a natural color (meaning no purples, blues, crazy reds, etc.) If that is the case, it is best to follow their rules to avoid any workplace issues. If you do not know the rules, as someone before you drastically change your hair. If you work for yourself or the company you work for does not have these limits, you have significantly more freedom to choose your hairstyle, but you may still want to consider your profession. If you work in a more business-oriented career, it is probably best to stick with natural hair colors and professional cuts. On the other hand, if you work in a more creative setting, you can feel freer to have creative, colorful hair.

Some More Tips for Choosing a Hairstyle

Color is important. Choose a color that not only expresses who you are and is appropriate for your career choice, but one that is flattering for your skin tones. For example, if you already have red undertones in your skin, you may want to avoid a red or pink-based hair color.

Look online before you choose your own. With a quick google search, you have access to countless pictures of hairstyles. Look for people who have similar facial structures like you, and decide what you think looks good and what doesn’t. If you find a picture you really like, you can even show it to your hairstylist as a reference photo for what you want.

Finally, choose a good hairstylist. Even if you pick the perfect style, if you choose someone who is not very good at their craft, you will most likely not be happy with the results. If you do not already have a hairstylist, you know and trust, talk to your friends and look at online reviews to get a good idea of who you want to use. Many hairstylists even most of their work on social media so you can see how they do with others before you let them take scissors to your own hair.

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