Moisturize the skin and humidify the air

﹣Especially autumn and winter, the weather will be relatively dry, at this time you must pay attention to moisturizing your skin. And indoor humidifiers can be used to make indoor less dry, but in the outdoor, you need to apply some moisturizer to make the skin less dry.
☞ Moisturizers you can choose non-irritable and mild, oils such as Vaseline, olive oil and jojoba oil that do not cause allergies.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

﹣Appropriate eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, it can supplement the body with more antioxidants and nutrients to deal with inflammation and skin sensitivity caused by oxidative stress. In the choice of skin care products, you can also choose some products with antioxidants. ☞ Common antioxidants in skin care products are Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Apple Extract.

Don't scratch with your hands

﹣Even if itching cannot be scratched with your hands, otherwise it is easy to scratch the wound caused by large-scale bacterial infection, resulting in eczema becoming more and more serious.

Reduce environmental allergen

﹣Often washing clothes and bedding, so as to reduce dust mites, animal hair, and other possible sensitizing factors. In addition, if the air is not good, try to avoid going out. Even if you want to go out, wear a mask and do a good job of protection.

※ These methods only can use to the prevention and treatment of mild eczema. If you have severe eczema, it is necessary to go to the hospital to seek the help of a professional dermatologist.