What is dark spot

Spots are, in fact, pigmentation. There is sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays, acne marks caused by skin inflammation, and even environmental pollution damage to the skin. In general, skin cells produce a lot of pigment to protect themselves in some emergency situations and precipitate when metabolism is not good.

Causes of dark spots:

Genetic factors

﹣Some people are born with dark spots, and these are genetic factors.

Ultraviolet irradiation

﹣When our skin is irradiated by the sun, the epidermis produces a lot of melanin particles. In order to protect the human body from harm, the number of black spots on the face increases.

Irregular living habits

﹣Usually, we do not pay attention to life habits, or stress, partial eating, sleep deprivation, and other bad living habits, it will make melanin constantly increase, then forming black spots.

Endocrine disorders

﹣Endocrine disorders in women during menstruation will lead to women have unstable emotions, this will affect our own metabolic function. If metabolism is not good, it will be very easy to produce melanin, resulting in the formation of dark spots.


﹣Acne is easy to leave behind dark spots, if not treated in time, will form dark spots.

Hormonal changes

﹣Changes in estrogen levels in the body are also the main cause of the formation of facial skin spots in women, and the most common is pregnancy spots.


﹣With the growth of age, the function of human cells declines, the aging pigment can not be normally discharged out of the outside, coupled with aging tissue cells will lose decomposition, exclusion and other functions, the formation of new cells will be slow, and it will lead to the formation of black spots.


Sun protection and radiation protection ★★★★★

﹣Sunscreen is the most important day-to-day attention of the dark spot skin, and this kind of skin problem is most afraid of the sun
﹣You should pay attention to sun protection even if you are in the room every day.
﹣If you need to go out, please remember to apply sunscreen and wear a hat, umbrella, try not to go out at noon when the sun is strongest;
﹣Prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation: all kinds of the electronic display screen, fluorescent lamp, X-ray machine, ultraviolet radiation instrument, etc., both them can stimulate the skin and produce similar consequences after strong sun irradiation, even greater than the damage of sunlight irradiation;

Eat more fruits and vegetables ★★★★☆

﹣Daily consumption of vitamin C-containing fruits and vegetables, such as kiwifruit, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

Sleep and mental ★★★★★

﹣Ensure adequate sleep every day ( it must be better if you go to sleep before10 pm), tiredness can lead to skin fatigue, slow metabolism so that the skin can not get enough nutrients. If the cuticle lack of moisture, the skin will look dim.