Outdoor Sun Tan (Natural Sun Tan)

Before the sunbathe, you need to apply an appropriate amount of suntan oil on the skin that you want to tan, rub evenly and massage, the effect will be better after the sun.


● Tanning oil can reduce desquamate after sunbathe, prevent skin dehydration and increase skin glossiness after sunbathe. Accurately, some suntan oils come with a small amount of UVA and UVB sun protection, such as sun protection index is SPF4 and this oil can directly apply to your skin. If it is suntan oil without sun protection, you can first apply a layer of sunscreen and then apply suntan oil. But you don't need to apply sunscreen with a high sun protection index.
● Generally, if you're the first time to suntan, it must be better to sunbathe 30 minutes, and the next suntan time can depend on the individuals.
● The normal reaction of the skin after sunbathe is redness and ironing. At this time, repairing gel (You can keep it in the refrigerator) after suntan is a wise choice, which can help soothe the skin, replenish water and relieve discomfort after suntan.

Indoor Sun Tan

Indoor suntan is mainly with sunlamps, which use artificial ultraviolet rays to imitate the principle of solar ultraviolet radiation, and close themselves in the sun cabin every few days until they gradually reach the skin color they want.


● The first time to suntan needs to be controlled within 5 minutes. If you're no problem for the first time suntan, 48 hours can be turned on the second time and it can extend to 8 minutes.
● Remember to exfoliate the whole body at home the day before the suntan.
● After sunbathing, you can apply the repairing gel or smoothing gel or body lotion.

There are two types of suntanning machines

● Stand up type (will not touch your skin), the whole body skin can be suntan more evenly and space is freer.
● Tunnel type, you need to lie in there and it will touch your skin.

Different suntan ways:

● Outdoor suntan★★★☆☆: It needs a long time to meet your requirements and it is suitable to try on your vacation. But maybe it can not make your skin color even.
● Indoor suntan★★★★☆ : It needs a short time and the suntan effect is perfect. But the fee is too high.
● Beauty suntan cream★★☆☆☆: It is the most convenient suntan way, but it can't maintain a long time.

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