How To Remove Whiteheads Under Eyes?

Apr 16, 2019 - 4:34 AM

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  • What is fat granule

    Fat granule, also called milia, are small (usually no more than 3 mm in size) and white. It is a white protuberance that is blocked by skin cells or keratin on the surface of the skin. The fat granule is divided into two types, one is a mature type of fat granule, the other is the immature type of fat granule. The former is very recognizable, white and round (very regular dots), prominent in the skin epidermis, and you can feel tough with the hand. If the fat granule grows in the eye, the eye fat granule had better not to operated by yourselves, it is very dangerous. And it is easy to bleed, leave scar and stimulate capillaries, so I recommend you to beauty salons or hospitals to deal with it.

    The reason for the formation of fat granules:

    ● If there is too much oil in emulsion (Lotion) or cream, the oil that can't be absorbed by the skin will form fat granule.

    ● Endocrine disorders
    Body endocrine disorder will lead to facial oil secretion exuberant, at the same time the skin has not been thoroughly cleaned in time, resulting in pore blockage, excess oil cannot be discharged and then the face will appear protruding fat granules.

    ● The skin of the eye is very thin, does not have gland under the skin, so it is easier to form the fat granules than the other place.

    Preventive measures:

    Avoid small wounds caused by excessive friction on the skin of the eye

    ● When applying eye cream, you can use piano playing techniques to reduce unnecessary pulling and massage;
    ● Do not use exfoliating products on your eye skin;
    ● When you remove your makeup, you must be gentle.

    Avoid inflammation of the eye caused by sunlight

    ● Must do a good eye sun protection, in addition to preventing fat granule, but also can alleviate eye aging.
    ● Remember to wear sunglasses, sunshade umbrellas.

    Proper cleaning to ensure that the skin will not form a clogged state

    ● As long as we pay attention to facial cleaning, reduce the number of exfoliations or reduce the amount of heavy makeup, use more refreshing skin care products and eye cream, then insist on a period of time after the small whitehead will naturally self-destruct.

    Choose suitable eye cream, and must not apply a thick layer, it not only waste but also causes sweat gland blockage

    ● To choose suitable eye cream, even if it is not an expensive brand, it will also be very good.
    ● Especially after 25-year-old women, be sure to use eye cream, and should be applied after the application of water or emulsion-type eye cream, this kind of eye cream nourishing ingredients high and easy to absorb.
    ● If you are over 30 years old, you can choose a cream with a higher nutritional ingredient based on the nutritional status of your face. If you don't need so much nutrition in your skin, and you add too much nutrition to it, it will naturally lead to the formation of fat granules.

    Clean in time after exercise or sweating

    ● Because sweat is attached to the skin, if there is a wound in the skin, it may cause bacterial infection.

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  • There's a lot of reasons for fat granules in the eye:

    ﹣The poor metabolism and the thickness of the skin cuticle will block pores, then resulting in eye toxins and waste metabolism does not go out, slowly produce small particles around eyes.

    ﹣In the process of skin repair, too much waste is produced and the metabolic ability is not up to date, thus accumulating fat granules.

    ﹣The waste in the deep layer of the skin is not metabolized effectively, thus retaining and accumulating to form fat granules.

    ﹣The wrong makeup is one of the driving forces for the growth of fat granules. Frequent use of abrasive or exfoliated products and excessive or improper application easy to scratch the skin, fat granules in the skin self-repair process.

    ﹣When using cleaning products or creams and lotions, the skin around the eye is also applied because the skin around the eye is much more delicate than the rest of the face if you apply the facial skin care product to the eye. Then the eye skin will be blocked, the fat granules will produce more and more

    ﹣Long-term often eat greasy food, will make the skin secretion become more viscous, not conducive to discharge, gradually accumulate in the skin will form fat granules.

    To improve fat granules, the first thing to do is to improve the metabolic ability of the skin. When the metabolic ability is adjusted, the toxin and waste can be metabolized through the skin or subcutaneously. This requires a process, so relatively speaking, it needs a longer process.

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