Do Ice Cubes Remove Eye Bags and Dark Circles?

Apr 9, 2019 - 1:47 AM

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  • Common causes of dark circles:

    ﹣Genetic factors: orbicularis oculi muscle congenital hypertrophy or the pigmentation of eye skin congenital darker than adjacent parts of the eye skin pigment, so it shows dark and gray eyes.

    ﹣Infiltration of pigment particles in cosmetics: makeup addicts may have some dark cosmetics particles infiltrate into the eyelids. For a long time, there was a dark circle around the eyes.

    ﹣Excessive fatigue: when excessive fatigue and lack of rest, due to autonomic nervous disorders, vascular blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in orbicularis oculi muscle and eyelid skin venous blood stasis. Because the vein blood color is darker, so appears in the eyelid is the dark and gray eye circle.

    ﹣Varicose veins: tumor or varicose veins of the eye socket or eyelid, as well as long-term edema of the eyelids, can also cause venous blood clots.

    ﹣Trauma: contusion of the eye socket or eyelid can cause subcutaneous hemorrhage, and form the appearance of dark eye circle.

    Causes of puffy eye

    ﹣Living habits and heredity
    ﹣Long-term lack of sleep
    ﹣Often wear contact lenses, or make-up removal is not soft enough
    All of this may cause eye bags. Some people are young, but their puffy eye is very obvious, which is a genetic reason.

    The benefits of applying ice cubes to your eyes:

    ﹣It can clear the brain and eliminate the fatigue of the eyes.
    ﹣It helps to shrink the blood vessels and pores of the eye.
    ﹣It also has a certain effect on the removal of eye bags and dark circles.


    ﹣You can't apply the eye directly with the ice cube, because the eye skin is thin and tender, the easiest frostbite!

    ﹣The time should not be too long, the frequency should not be too frequent. It will excessively shrink pores and it's not conducive to the smooth discharge of waste, resulting in pore blockage, the eye will grow grain of rice-shaped small acne.

    ﹣The ice temperature is too low, and the skin shrinks sharply, which can lead to early wrinkles.

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