The answer is ---YES!


﹣The eye skin is the most fragile part of the whole face skin, so when removing makeup, we should pay more attention to it. Therefore, special eye makeup removal products should be used.

﹣If the eye makeup is not removed clean, the cosmetics pigment will penetrate into the eyelids, will cause the skin around eyes to appear black circle. In addition, our eyes often wear makeup or remove make-up, this easily makes eye skin lose moisture and lack elasticity. Therefore, need to use a suitable eye makeup remover to completely remove the makeup. Generally speaking, eye skin is more sensitive, so the use of special eye makeup remover products can protect the skin, while also preventing skin aging and preventing wrinkles.

﹣Eyes, lips, and other places that are not easy to clean, special partial remover must be done for these places, instead of just using a bottle of makeup remover to remove the whole face makeup, only the special eye makeup remover can completely remove the eye makeup.

The steps to remove eyes makeup:(Makeup remover[Wate])

☞ The first step is to wet makeup cotton and then extrude excess water, pour on the eye special make-up removal water, cover the eye makeup.

☞ After 30 seconds to one minute, gently wipe from top to the bottom, it is easy to remove eye makeup.

☞ If you still can't remove the waterproof mascara, don't rub it, otherwise, it will be easy to produce fine lines, which is also a big injury to the eyelashes. Just wipe the cotton swab full of makeup remover and gently wipe it from the root of the eyelashes to the tip.

☆ If you accidentally draw the eyeliner wrongly during makeup, you don't have to remove the entire eye makeup. Just use a cotton swab to apply a little eye cream and wipe off the wrong part.

☆ If you use makeup remover oil or make-up remover lotion, make-up remover cream, just keep your hands dry.