Autumn Care Tips: How To Care for Your Skin In Autumn?

Year after year many people suffer from skin problems that are related to a change of season, Of course, the weather plays a large part in the health and appearance of our skin. The weather in autumn tends to get a bit colder and arid than in the summer months. So it is easier for the skin to become dry and itchy. These skin conditions can also be a result of poor skincare habits we tend to fall in during the fall and winter months.

Luckily there are steps you can take to ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer this fall. I will go over a few of my favorite autumn skincare tips to help you stay looking healthy and radiant through the fall and winter seasons this year.

Choosing the Proper Moisturizer

Obviously one of the key points to cover when it comes to caring for your skin is proper moisturization. It is important to find a way to lock in moisture to prevent dryness, itchiness, peeling and other related issues. It will be important for you to find a type of moisturizer that best suits your skin type.

If you really aren’t sure which moisturizer is right for you, I do recommend using a refreshing emulsion instead of lotions. This is a commonly recommended starting point because it’s more fitted for skin that tends to be excessively oily or greasy.

Although it is important to stay on top of your skincare routine to keep your skin looking it’s best, I wouldn’t recommend jumping right into the lotion routine right at the beginning of autumn. Why you may ask? It takes time for your body to adapt to the changes in your skin that come with the approach of autumn.

To let your skin adapt to the seasons in a more natural way, I recommend using a refreshing scrub or wash with moisturizing benefits at the beginning of the season. Then you will want to slowly transition from that to the moisturizing lotions and creams around November and December when the winter weather is the harshest on our skin.


Masks are another popular method many of us use to protect our skin, as well as lock-in that much needed moisture throughout the day.

Of course, it is important that you are using the right type of mask for your skin as well, because as I mentioned before we are all different, and it often requires different things to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy.

Many people suffer from excessively dry skin in the fall and winter months. This can cause flaking, peeling, itchiness, and in some cases even pain. A moisturizing mask would be best for those with super dry skin. Those with mature skin may want to use a mask with some nourishing properties as well. This will give your skin that healthy glow, along with locking in that moisture.

It is most recommended that you apply your mask at night, and then do a follow-up skincare routine when you wake up in the morning.

Exfoliating in the Fall Months

If you properly exfoliate your skin, you will see a lot of great improvements. It definitely could not hurt to give it a try and add it to your daily skin routine. Be careful not to overdo it though, as you do not want to damage your skin, or even make it more sensitive to the elements. In the fall months, you will want to make sure that you are using a mild exfoliation product to avoid any of the negative side effects.

If you aren’t sure what to look for in an exfoliation product here are a few pointers to keep in mind when making your selection. Vitamin E is great for your skin. Picking products that are rich in vitamin E will ensure that your skin is capable of locking in that moisture and keeping it there throughout the day.

Your Feet Have Skin Too

Once the summer months begin to wind down, and fall is swiftly taking their place, surely your feet have begun to show some skin issues as well as the other problem areas.

The most common problem people tend to have with their feet by the end of summer is the build-up of dry and cracked skin. Since we put so much pressure on our feet throughout the day, it is easy for them to become this way.

Most of us aren’t even aware that these callused feet are an issue, but it is. The appearance of this overly thick, and cracked dry skin often is not sensitive to pain and will feel rough when you touch your feet.

In order to help heal and repair your dry feet in the fall and winter months, I recommend soaking your feet in warm water before you take part in any foot care.

There are tools you can use to remove some of the layers of dead skin from your foot once you have soaked them and the skin is softened up a bit. Be careful not to take too much skin off, as it can cause damage and pain as well.

After the removal of the majority of the dead and dry skin on your feet, it may be wise to follow with a moisturizing lotion of some sort to help replenish the dry skin.

Taking Care of Your Neck Skin

It is not uncommon to be focused mainly on your face when it comes to skincare, but we need to remember the rest of our bodies as well. To be specific, at this point I am referring to the skin on your neck.

This is especially crucial in the fall months because of the harsher conditions. Also, the skin on your neck is more delicate than the rest, and it tends to age easier and become rough, saggy or wrinkly when not properly taken care of.

One of the methods I highly recommend in this area is just a simple addition to your daily skin routine. Every night in the shower you should wash your neck with a mild soap that contains less alkali, or even a moisturizing bath lotion. Then you need to dry your skin with a soft town and massage your neck.

First, you will want to apply a small amount of moisturizing lotion or vitamin E oil to your skin, then gently massage with your fingers from top to bottom. These neck massages should last about five minutes each night. This is a perfect step to add to your routine, and it won’t take up a whole lot of your precious time either.

Autumn care tips: How to care for your skin in autumn

Daily Skin Regimen going into the autumn Months

When we are faced with the harsher conditions of Autumn, one of the easiest things that can be done to care for our skin is a simple daily skin routine.

If you make sure to take certain steps each day to make sure that your skin is healthy and happy, then you will suffer from the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin way less or maybe even not at all.

Most people already have some sort of routine they try to keep to when it comes to skincare, but if you don’t and you have no idea where to start let go over the basics.

These are the five basic points that I really feel you need to strictly stick to in your daily skincare routine. The first is the most simple, and yet probably the most commonly overlooked. It is important to keep your skin clean.


This is the first step you should take to care for your skin, and it is important to do it correctly. Believe it or not, there is a right way to wash your face, especially for women who regularly use makeup.

Many of us are under the impression that we can combine makeup removal with washing our face. This is not the case, and it is recommended to use your make up remover to completely clean your face of makeup before you use your daily face wash. If you fail to do this, then you aren’t getting your skin truly clean, and you will still have oily residues on your skin.

In addition to completely removing your make up first, you will also benefit from using the correct temperature of the water.

I know it may seem a touch obsessive to worry about the temperature of the water you wash your face with, but it actually does make a difference. It is said that you should wash your face with water that is close to the same temperature as your skin.

The dry conditions of the Autumn months are the main cause for most of the skin changes we experience. This dryness will also affect the number of times we wash our face in a day. Twice a day seems to be the recommended number of times you wash your face. Typically this would be once in the morning and once at night.

In the morning cleansers that contain more amino acids are recommended, and at night it is fitting to choose a face wash with more cleansing power to remove the grease and dirt build-up of the day.

Apply Toner

That’s right, I absolutely recommend the use of toner as one of your daily skincare habits. The main function of a toner is to restore the freshness and moisture of your skin after washing your face. It also removes some remaining makeup of the residue as well.

As we have said about most previous sections, it is very important to choose your toner carefully. I highly recommend trying a toner before you purchase it if that is at all possible. A simple toner with basic moisturizing and rehydration properties is enough for most people.

If you have skin with specific needs, such as acne may need a toner that reduces the amount of oil produced by your skin, or one that has antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

If you do a little research before making your choice, you will not regret it. It always is best to have a product that fits your needs specifically. Especially when it comes to skincare.

Smear the Essence

Not all moisturizing products are the same, as I’m sure you are starting to realize at this point. Essence doesn’t belong in the same basic category as a cleanser and moisturizing products.

This product can help us deepen our skincare routine, and assist in the follow-up care as well.

Of course, you need to choose your essence in accordance with your skin type and basic needs. If your skin is oily and retains too much moisture, or you suffer from acne it would be best for you to choose an essence that is anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory.

For those who suffer from dry or peeling skin, an essence containing more moisturizing properties would be more fitting. A simple rehydration essence will help aid in maintaining the balance of water and oil in your skin as well.

Facial Cream

This should be among the final steps of your daily skincare routine. When you are choosing your moisturizing cream do your best to choose the one with the strongest moisturizing ingredients. This will ensure that you get a cream that strengthens your skin’s barrier and avoid the waste of ingredients in the previous steps during the evaporation.

At the beginning of the seasonal change, I highly recommend choosing a refreshing facial cream to make it easier for your skin to adapt to the season’s weather conditions.


Our skin is the first layer of defense our bodies have against the sun. I’m sure most of us are aware that the sun damages our skin if we don’t use sunscreen and take the proper precautions.

Even though the weather in the autumn months is not as hot, the UV rays from the sun can still tan or even burn your skin. You need to be sure that you are using sunscreen when you are going to be out in the sun.

If you are someone who mainly works indoors then you can apply an isolation cream that has a very low sun protection factor or a low SPF sunscreen.

Those of us who work outdoors, or spend much of our time outside it is important to wear a sunscreen with a higher SPF. I would recommend SPF 30 at the very least.

If you follow your personalized daily skincare routine, and you take the proper steps to protect your skin, then you can ensure the health and beauty of your skin for years to come.

Remember to do your research when choosing skincare products, so you know you are getting the one that is the best for your needs. Hopefully, this article has been helpful if you often find yourself suffering in the Autumn month. Maybe this year, you can take control of your skin for the season.

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