Are Facial Cleansing Brushes Good or Bad for Your Skin?

However, you don’t know which one to pick, simply because they are so many. But don’t worry anymore, we’ll explain the pros and cons of each facial cleansing brush, letting you know the proper one for your needs. So, let’s take a look at the options for facial cleansers, and which one would be best for you. The first two options on our list are the manual facial cleansing brush and the sonic facial cleansing brush.

is manual facial brush good for skin?

Manual facial cleansing brush

As the title says, this a manual brush, meaning you make all the motions, which can be useful, seeing as you can set your tempo. However, here are the pros and cons of using a manual cleansing brush.


Skin trauma

Now, wait. Before you jump down our throats about the word ‘Trauma,’ let me explain. First and foremost, skin trauma isn’t always bad. Now, I know the word ‘trauma’ has a certain stigma around it, but I promise you. A little skin trauma now and then is okay for you; as skin trauma makes the skin go into repair mode. This repair mode helps to fix the skin and also stimulates cellular regeneration. So, as you can see, skin trauma is good, but don’t overuse it. If you use it too often, then that trauma isn’t so good anymore.

Expect Smooth and Glowing Skin

These face cleansers help to clear away the build-up of dead skin, debris, and other clogging stuff in your pores. It does so quickly and efficiently, which can speed up your daily skincare rituals.

Instant Face-lift

Facial brushes promote good blood circulation, so it’s no surprise that when they do, it provides a fantastic benefit. This benefit is a face-lift, which makes your skin firmer and younger-looking. This benefit happens due to the faster cellular turnover, which is due to skin trauma.



Now, when you over wash your face, it can leave it feeling dry. The same thing can happen with facial cleansers, if you overdue, you will lose. Remember to practice moderation when using this device. Due to the dryness it causes, you shouldn’t use this if you already suffer from dry skin. However, this is best for oily type skin.

Raises Melanin Activity

The more melanin activity you have, the more likely the chance of skin discoloration; So when using physical exfoliants, it’s good to practice caution as to avoid what is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Now, it’s no surprise when you wash your face that more pimples and other bumps appear. However, due to the stimulating effects of this physical exfoliator, it makes breakouts a bit more, well, out. However, this means that your goal of clear skin is even closer.


This problem is the same as the dryness you may experience, and I’ll state this again. Don’t overuse exfoliators, it will cause your face to become dry, and in the worst-case scenario, it can cause your face to inflame. Which isn’t such a pretty sight for such a pretty face, I assure you.

is a spinning sonic brush good or bad for face skin?

Sonic cleansing brush

Sonic or electric face cleansers are the same as manual brushes. However, they usually use batteries, and they have rotating bristles or silicone. However, they are some slight benefits and disadvantages to use a sonic cleansing brush on your face.


More brushes for more facial types

Yes, the electric brush has more brushes than manual. Some brush types include massage attachment, makeup brush add-on (It helps to apply foundation or blend cream contours), and the sensitive brush attachment.

More setting types for sensitive faces

As stated prior, they have a sensitive brush attachment for delicate faces. However, they also have options for susceptible faces, such as the gentle, or low, speed settings. So, sonic cleansing brushes are far more inclusive than manual.

Same benefits as a manual

Electric brushes offer the same benefits as manuals, such as good skin trauma, smooth and glowing skin, and an instant face-lift.


Same Cons as manual

Yes, while electric brushes have the same pros as manual, they also have the same cons. Such as dryness, raised melanin activity, stronger breakouts, and over-exfoliating.

Brush heads need to be replaced

Every brush attachment you have for your device needs to be replaced every 3 – 6 months. This is for sanitary reasons, such as why you replace a toothbrush every so often. So, be sure to remember to change them!

Now are the last two types of cleansing brushes, on our list are Silicone and Bristle brushes. Both offer some pretty good pros and some very withdrawing cons. So, I’ll let you be the one to decide which sounds better for your skin.

Silicone cleansing brush

is a silicone face cleanser brush good or bad to your face?

Silicone is a hybrid between rubber and plastic and is used commonly in some beauty products. So, its no wonder how they made it into facial brushes. These silicone cleansing brushes are perfect for susceptible faces if the other facial cleansers are too harsh.


Very Gentle

This cleanser is by far, the softest of the soft. It feels like a pair of baby hands are softly tickling your skin every time you use one of these, which is excellent for those who can’t have too much stimulation on their skin, because if they do their skin turn as red as a strawberry, and as itchy as poison ivy. So, yeah, thanks to the beauty industry for their hard labor.

Offers the same features as prior brushes

This cleanser still offers the same benefits as the prior brushes, so don’t worry about not being able to get the same treatment as others because you are. It’s worth noting that all physical exfoliators offer about the same pros and cons; however, as seen in these explanations, every brush provides a slight benefit or disadvantage.

Can be used with any face type

Any face type can use this brush, even if you have tough skin. This brush is sure to treat your skin as delicately as possible. So, if your worried one of these will leave your skin strawberry pink after one use, then I recommend this device. However, research the best one, not all silicone scrubbers are made the same.


Can be pricy

Due to the many uses, and the fact this brush can work with any face, this type a brush can run you a pretty penny. However, it’s well worth the investment for bright glowing skin to last the decades.

Very Durable

This device, if properly cared for, can last you a very long time; from a couple of months to possibly years. It all depends on how much you use it, how rough you are with it, and perhaps, how many people use it. Yes, some people share these devices.

Still has the other brushes cons

Like the pros, every cleansing brush shares the same cons. However, some have more than others. What it depends on is the make and model, and also the material used.

Bristle cleansing brush

Like the bristles that brush your hair, however, these bristles are for your face. These bristle cleansing brushes are for the not so sensitive faces, so don’t use if you want a gentle scrub. These brushes are the best for those who want quicker results. However, these are a bit harsher than the prior brushes.


Quicker Results

The bristle brushes have the quickest results, due to the scrubbing nature they contain. They can blast away the dirt and grime on your skin. Which, if you go to beauty salons to have a facial, it can save on some cash because of the less stuff they have to extract from your face.

Has other brushes pros

There is no more to be said on this topic, other than it has the same pros as the other face cleansers.


Not very gentle

Due to the sometimes harsh stimulation of the bristle brushes, it’s not recommended for skins that have a susceptible nature. Because if used, it will cause inflammation, itchy, and dry skin. And no wants that! However, if your skin is pretty tough, this might be the best brush for your skin. Especially if you get very thick oily skin, it should blast through the thick oil coating your pores.

Still has cons of prior brushes

Again there is much to be said here; it has the same cons as the others.

Something to say…

Hopefully, this list can give you insight on those brushes you been sneakily peeking at, and help you to make the most insightful choice. However, it’s an excellent thing to remember that we can’t decide for you. What you need for your face is best determined by you, or a dermatologist.

Because, only you and your doctor know what’s best, or what works for you and you’re skin. Because, while one of these devices might say it doesn’t work for a particular skin type, however, it might work for you.

This list is merely a guideline, expressing warnings to you about what is reported to work for certain people and their skin types. However, what works for some, won’t work for all. So, I hope you find the perfect brush for you to get the clearest skin possible. Peace, in love and light.

Some F.A.Qs

How often should I use a facial cleansing brush?

If you have normal skin, just use the facial cleansing brush once a day or 1 time two days. If you get oily skin, it is best to use the face brush to clean the pores once a day . If you get sensitive skin, we recommend to use the facial cleansing brush once a week or not to choose a facial cleansing brush.

There is no fixed answer, it depends on your feeling after using it. If you feel good, just keep it. If not, just reduce the frequency.

Do face brushes help acne scars?

Facial cleansing brush can not remove the acne scare directly. But you can use a facial cleansing brush to deep clean the pores, remove the oil and exfoliate. Your pores will not be so clogged which is the main reason that causes acne. And the dead skin cells and redness will be lighter and you will get clear skin gradually. So, a facial cleansing brush is helpful to get rid of acne scars.

Are spin brushes good or bad for acne?

If you have acne skin, please don’t use a spin brush such as clarisonic. When the face machine works, it spins all the time, you cannot stop it and the power is very heavy. The spinning bristles may irritate the acne scars and make the acne more serious. You can choose a manual facial cleansing brush or sonic silicone brush instead. But, please make sure that the bristles must be very gentle and soft.

Doese a facial brush cause breakouts?

If the bristles of your facial cleansing brush are too harsh, or if you overuse the facial cleansing brush, it may cause dryness, irritation, redness and sensitivity. This may increase the chance of breakouts. You should stop using the facial brush before your skin recovers.

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