Anti-aging : How to Remove The Neck Lines?

Want that ever glowing young look? Facial care isn’t the only thing that would get you that. You need to equally take care of your neck skin as well.

So what’s the main reason for the formation of the necklines? It’s basically because oxidation leads to the separation of free radicals and loss of collagen. This eventually makes our skin uneven and produces necklines. Let’s have a look at some of the main reasons for the formation of necklines.

Using A Too High Pillow

When your pillow is too high, it makes your neck lean forward and creates folds in the neck skin. With time, these folds result in the formation of necklines. Hence, it’s always better to choose a low pillow. Also, do not hunchback and let the neck be in the forward position. This not only makes your skin loose but also easily produces wrinkles. So it’s always better to form a habit of keeping your head up and the chest stretched out.

Rarely Used Facial Expression Muscles

Some of us don’t have a lot of expressions, don’t chew well while eating, and rarely use emoji muscles. This makes our skin from the jaw to the neck relaxed and easy to get the meck lines.

Long-time Exposure to Computer

Long-time exposure to computers can also be a reason for necklines. While using a computer, we maintain a fixed posture for a long time. This leads to a stiff neck and poor lymphoid circulation. So always remember to stand up or move your neck and shoulders in your seat every 30 minutes to relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

Lack of Neck Exercise

We exercise a lot. However, we rarely involve our neck muscles in our exercises. This leads to neck wrinkles. Exercising the neck can speed up blood and lymphoid circulation and tighten the skin.

Lack of Skincare

We always take care of our hair or facial skin. However, when it comes to neck skin, we’re a bit ignorant. As we age, our face and neck skin keeps on losing collagen and the skin is more relaxed. That’s where the wrinkles start appearing slowly.

Lack of Proper Cleaning of Neck Skin

Most of us regularly wash our faces and use skincare products on our faces. But we forget to take similar care for our neck skin. Of course, this is going to hurt our neck and the result is obviously necklines.

Excessive Use of Mobile Phones

Today’s world is controlled by mobile phones. Whether you’re on the way to work or on the way off, whether in your spare time or not, you’re on your phone. You’ll take out your phone and keep staring especially with a bowed down head. This when happens for a long time on a daily basis, your neck naturally produces wrinkles. And, for the doubled chinned people, the threat is even bigger.

Stimulation of Neck Ornaments

Clothing and necklaces are another major reason for the appearance of necklines. Pure cotton and silk clothes are least irritating as compared to knitted and chemical fibers and hence better for the neck skin. Also, gold and silver necklaces are a good choice but you must test in advance for any skin sensitivity.

Methods of Removing Necklines

Do More Neck Healthcare Exercises to Prevent and Reduce Necklines

  • Lie on your back in bed and press the pillow hard in the back of your head (the pillow should not be too soft, not too high, 10-15 centimeters is appropriate). Next, turn over and lie down and press the pillow hard on the forehead. Keep breathing evenly.
  • Lie down. Raise your head, lean back as much as possible, and keep this position for 15 seconds. Then repeat the movements in the posture of lying on the left, lying on the right, and lying on the back respectively. Keep the neck stretched to both sides of the body.

After completing the above two sections, get up and sit on the chair, put your legs flat, your hands hung naturally, and continue to complete the following actions.

  • Relax your neck, try to keep your chin close to your chest, and then lean your head back as much as possible. Just do it two to six times.
  • Make continuous circular movements with your shoulder joint from the front to the back, and then make similar movements from the back to the front in the opposite direction. The speed shouldn’t be too fast. Just do it four to six times.
  • Rotate your head from right to left, and then rotate in the opposite direction. Just do it two to six times.
  • Turn your head to the left. Try to get close to your left shoulder, and then do it in the opposite direction. Just do it four to six times.
  • Raise your right hand sideways, touch your left ear over your head. Switch hands and do the same thing with your left hand. Just do it four times in a row.
  • Mimic freestyle movements: Stretch your hands forward with the shoulder joint as the axis. The upper arm would revolve 6 times forward and 6 times backward.
  • Mimic breaststroke posture: Extend your crossed hands forward and bring your face to the back of your hand. Next, stretch your hands to both sides. Finally, lose your hands in front of your chest. Just do it six times.

Circle Massage

  • Apply a thin layer of neck cream, massage cream, or olive oil on the neck. Massage from bottom-up with gentle circle massage with finger belly. It prevents skin dryness, promotes blood circulation, improves skin metabolism, and helps prevent necklines. Massage can be accompanied by a massage from the clavicle to the chest together as well as the face-scalp massage together. The effect is better that way.
  • With your thumb and index finger as the main point of effort, gently push up the neck from the clavicle. Repeat about 10 times.
  • Push with four fingers to the upper oblique of the neck. Do this 10 times to the left and right.
  • Massage the clavicle with your fists in both hands and slide up your neck. And then, slide to the clavicle, 10 times to the left and right.

Sleep Without Pillow

A twisted sleeping posture may also lead to necklines. It is thus recommended that you don’t use pillows while sleeping. Even if you really need a pillow, make sure that the shape of the pillow ensures that the head is lower than the neck and the chin is slightly raised. Additionally, before going to bed, apply neck skincare cream around your neck and wrap it in towels. This also helps in preventing necklines.

Exercise Neck Muscles

Your neck should support the weight of your head. If the neck muscles decline, it is easy for the neck skin to relax and produce necklines. A simple and effective neck muscle exercise is to sit up straight, slowly lift your chin, stretch your neck muscles, keep them in the original position for 5 seconds, and stretch them five times a day. This small action can effectively exercise the neck muscles and prevent the production of necklines.

Apply Hot Towel on Your Neck

Applying a hot towel to the neck can help soften the horniness and open the pores. It’s quite like facial care. Applying a hot towel to the neck also promotes the absorption of neck cream, massage cream, or essence.

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