Acne diet: How To Eat When Treating Acne?

One thing that destroys the face beauty is acne, which is brought about by surplus oil that is produced by the sebaceous gland. The oil causes the clogging of the face pores by toxic substances from the oil. For this reason, an essential thing to control acne is eliminating the oil on the face. Some foods are good when controlling acne as they aid in the treatment process. Therefore, we are going to focus on the kind of food to eat when treating face acne.

Foods Rich in Dietary Fiber

To enhance intestinal cleansing that leaves stool free to move and remove body toxins, foods that are rich in fiber must be taken. The toxins that are left in the body play a role in promoting acne and eating enough fiber aids in the detoxification exercise. Some of the best foods when looking for fiber include rice that has been milled, brown rice, grains like barley, millet, corn, rice, and wheat husk as well as wheat flour. Besides, vegetables like red beans, carrots, peas, laver, and other foods that are rich in fiber.

Massive Consumption of Seafood

During acne treatment, seafood is an essential requirement. The foods are rich in critical fatty acids that are not saturated for our bodies. You should take in seafood that has a low content of mercury like the crab, yellow croaker, pine fish, salmon, and canned tuner. On the same note, keep off seafood with high levels of mercury like swordfish, mackerel shark and square fish. The foods play a role in controlling saturated fatty acids amount in the diet we take. It fastens acne recovery.

Taking in Fruits and Vegetables

A good number of yellow vegetables, like carrots and tomatoes, contain a good amount of carotene. The carotene is synthesized to Vitamin A that is essential in regulating the metabolic process. Other vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and mustard contain an antioxidant property which plays a role in inflammation immunity in the body.

The fruits contain vitamin C, A, and carotene, which promotes the ability of the skin to fight injuries and maintain elasticity. Besides, it can alter the production of melanin and in turn, assist in acne elimination. The best fruits to eat when treating acne include bananas, watermelon, grapes, cucumbers, and balsam gourd. However, sugary fruits like oranges and lychees should be consumed minimally.

Take in Food Rich in Selenium

Selenium can be found in foods like lobster, salmon, or whole wheat bread. Selenium plays several roles in the body that assist in acne healing.

To start with, it facilitates repairs of inflammations due to its antioxidant properties. It also boosts the vitamin E levels in the body, and this reduces the hostility of inflammatory effect on acne. Despite this benefit to your body in fighting acne, your body requires a minute amount of selenium. Don’t go looking for supplements to increase selenium levels in your diet.

Eat Foods Rich in Zinc

Consumption of zinc-rich foods leads to inhibition in the production of sebum. For this reason, zinc helps in keeping the normal epithelial cells functioning, protein breakdown acceleration, regeneration of cells, and immunity against infections from bacteria and inflammation acceleration. All these lead to reduced acne on the face.

Some of the best zinc foods to eat include fish, egg yolk, lean meat, and pig liver. As long as the diet contains a reasonable amount of zinc, you do not require to take in zinc supplements.

Use Green Tea Extensively

Green tea contains polyphenols that limit the oxygen radicals in your skin and curb down the effect of androgen on the sebaceous glands. However, if you have ulcers in the stomach, green tea is not the best recommendation for you as it initiates the intestines as well as the stomach.

Avoid a Lot of Sweets

All the foods with a high index of sugar are not healthy for people with acne, and they should be avoided as much as possible. The sweets raise the Blood glucose index, and in turn, this increases the androgen in your blood through the reduction of the sensitivity of insulin. It finally results in acne formation on the face.

From the above, you have every reason to avoid a massive intake of sweets when you are fighting acne. Such sweet foods include white bread and crispy nachos.

Reduce the Intake of Dairy Products

Almost all milk products contain IGF-1. Due to this, they are likely to aggravate acne furtherIGF-1 is an inflammatory agent that raises an imbalance between keratinocytes and promotes the keratosis of sebum in follicles of the hair. Sebum and horniness combine to bring about keratin, which provides a conducive environment for bacteria, mites, and fungi growth. People who are fond of fitness experience acne due to the intake of whey protein. This is because proteins contain IGF-1. Therefore, while trying to do muscle increment, the fitness people must accept to live with the dark side of the oils they use on their skins, acne being one of them.

Acne people are advised to use yogurt since it does not have IGF-1. The lactic acid uses IGF-1 during the fermentation of the yogurt. The yogurt is, therefore, useful as it contains minimal IGF-1.

Avoid too many Spices on Food

Too many spices on your food will act as a stimulant to the sweat glands leading to the production of sweat. The sweat produced will have grease that will block the pores on your skin, resulting in skin inflammation. According to medics, face acne is a product of skin gland secretions that result from disorders of the endocrine system.

For this reason, people who are fighting acne should avoid spices as they stimulate the skin sweat glands.

As we have already noted above, it is impossible to avoid some things. However, they should be taken in limited but proportional quantities. Your diet choice plays a secondary function in acne recovery, and it is not the first treatment option, of course. For you to completely heal from acne, it is essential first to find out the causes. People with severe acne should go to a hospital for medical treatment.

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