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Generally speaking, from the intuitive point of view, there are two ways to help women become beautiful: one is makeup; The other one is plastic surgery;

But with the increasing of women’s age, the aging of skin cells is inevitable. Makeup and plastic surgery are only temporary. If we want to be young and beautiful for a long time, we still need to solve the fundamental problem: skin care!

How big is the difference between skincare and not skincare?

How big is the difference between skincare and not skincare?

As you can see from the picture above, although the wives are more than 10 years older than their husbands, they still look the same age as their husbands.

They look, not only pale skin, but also very delicate and lustrous skin. This is because they know how to take care of their skin.

After women insist on skin care, they will look younger and more beautiful. This is also the “reverse growth” that most women hope for.

Although the skin is different, it can be seen that after skin care and maintenance, the skin is more tender and very glossy.

Woman who insist skin care is so charming. They have always been beautiful to the old. And next, i will share a few skin care knowledge for everyone to learn!

There is a lot of knowledge about skin care in daily life. Here I would like to share four important points and hope it can help the girls:

Skin Care Knowledge 1: Know your skin type before skincare: oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin, neutral skin, sensitive skin.

Skin Care Knowledge 2: Daytime skincare steps: Cleansing (cleanser) – Toner – Eye Essence – Eye Cream – Face Essence – Lotion (cream) – Sunscreen.

Skin Care Knowledge 3: Night skin care steps: Makeup Remover – Cleanser – Toner – Eye Essence – Eye Cream – Face Essence – Lotion (Cream).

Skin care knowledge 4: Morning cleansing is the most basic step in skin care. It’s best to choose lukewarm water for a more thorough cleansing without irritating your skin. You can choose a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Be sure to lather your cleanser before applying it to your face.

Skincare Knowledge 5: Hydration is also important. Make a simple mask with toner and paper film and leave it on for about five minutes. Then the skin will become watery and tender. Because the mask coverage is relatively wide, the effect will be better than the normal use of cotton absorption degree.

Skin care Knowledge 6: One minute to wake up. When you wake up in the morning, don’t rush out of bed. During this minute, your skin will wake up every cell with the blood-pumping effect of a parallel handstand. The activated cells speed up the skin’s metabolism and eliminate dullness.

Skin Care Knowledge 7: One-Minute Hot Compress Detox. Apply a hot compress to the skin with a hot towel before washing your face, which could improve the dullness. Early morning skin is usually a little puffy and dull. We can use the towel to apply hot compress to the skin and fully open the pores, which can allow the toxins and waste to discharge preliminarily.

Kana Z

Kana Z

I am a writer focussing on beauty, cosmetics, skincare, haircare and body care. I have a special interest in establishing solutions for problem skin. I have being working and studing with some of the world’s top skincare experts, hairstylists, makeup artists, perfume creators, photographers and models. I also currently write for websites of the skincare brand. My Specialties: beauty, journalism, skincare, haircare, cosmetics and problem skin.

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