5 Ways to Keep Your Manicure Longer

1. Be fully-prepared from the beginning

To make your nail art last longer, you need to give up regularly applying nail polish and start from the prep work.

Wash your hands with lanolin-free soap and warm water, towel dry them, then use a lint-free cotton pad to wipe off oil and hand-washing residue that may cause nail polish to peel off.

A base coat is essential as it keeps the nail polish last longer, and prevents the pigment of the dark nail polish from penetrating into your nail cap. Most importantly, it will protect you from nail polish remover when you remove your nail art at the end.

2. Apply thinner nail polish

Avoid applying too much for the first layer, as this makes the solvent in the nail polish evaporate slowly, so the surface will look mottled and not smooth.

If you think the thin nail polish doesn’t give saturated colors, try applying more layers, but make sure each layer is light enough to achieve the same brilliant colors.

When applying the thin layer of nail polish, hold the brush steadily to apply the nail polish evenly. Place the brush on the base of the nail near the skin, and slide it gently toward the top of the nail. Do the same on both sides. Last, seal the top edge and let it dry.

Wait for the first coat to completely dry. DON’T blow on it with your mouth, as the moisture will fade the nail polish’s shine. Start from the thumb to your little finger, and try to make the process of applying nail polish a little longer, so that the first coat of nail polish has more time to dry. Then finish with a quick coat of top coat.

3. Top coat is necessary

Within 3 days after the manicure, apply a layer of quick-drying top coat to increase its brightness without softening the manicure and make the manicure look brand new.

If possible, reapply a top coat every 3 days thereafter, so it’s easy to last the manicure for 2 weeks.

Generally speaking, thinly-applied nail polish has a longer retention time, especially after applying the top coat. It’s easy to apply the nail polish, and it’s also hard to find its falling.

Neutral and opaque nude colors will last longer, so you’ll have no trouble catching up with this season’s trends.

4. Reapply timely

Don’t be upset just because of your messy nails. No matter how well you paint them, falling off is inevitable. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix it.

It’s recommended to gently rub scratches and cracks with a polishing file, and then apply a thin layer of the same nail polish over the entire nail. Wait for 1-2 minutes for it to dry, and then cover it with a quick-drying topcoat. You can also cover it with a layer of nail polish of the same color, so that your manicure will look brand new again.

5. DIY your manicure

There are plenty of other ways you can apply your nail polish before it peels off and the color dulls, but it requires a little creativity on your part.

Instead of washing off the mottled nail art and reapplying it, wouldn’t it be more fun to create your cute patterns instead?

Take a look at what interesting shapes you can try on your nails, such as DIY metal polka dot nail art: apply a few drops of silver/gold nail polish to the dull part of the manicure, and then smooth it with a cotton pad, apply the top coat over the entire nail. Or just leave the fade nails alone for the mottled and broken aesthetic.

Kana Z

Kana Z

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