Month: February 2020

How to Clear Black Marks on Your Nose

Blemishes and other unwanted marks have always been a problem to many. Especially so if those marks are on the face, which makes them very visible to others. One of the most prominent, and most problematic facial mark is the dark mark on your nose.This dark coloration on your nose, otherwise known as Hyperpigmentation, can happen elsewhere on your face. Aside from your nose, you can also get it on your cheeks, your chin, and your forehead. But what causes this black mark on your nose? Is it an indicator of something bad? Is there any way you can get rid of it?

The Difference Between Concealer and Foundation

For many people, choosing the right product can be overwhelming. Especially so if they have choose over products with very similar uses. One of the biggest things people seem to get confused with is the differences between concealers and foundations. And really, with vast array of products available in the market, and the amount of makeup tutorials you see on the internet each saying very different things, it’s difficult to pinpoint which items are the right ones for you.