Month: August 2019

The Revolutionary Micro-Plastic Surgery Thread Face lift

The Revolutionary Micro-plastic Surgery-Thread Face lift

A thread lift, also known as face-lifting, is a minimally invasive aesthetic surgery. The way it works involves specifically designed multi-directional barbs evenly shared along the threads to uplift sagging tissues gently to suspend them through a special technique that allows the surgeon to realize a relaxed, fresh and yet natural appearance. Take for example that the thread is like steel and concrete, that lay a good foundation in building a house. The threads will support the drooping skin and restore natural contours of the face with a strong force under the skin. The thread dissolves after several months, but before then, they produce fibrosis which creates a new support scaffolding of collagen for the skin. A thread lift is used for the following improvements in the aging, sagging face and neck.

What is the best skin care routine for sensitive skin?

What Is The Best Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin?

Everyone wants to achieve healthy and glowing skin, which is why skin care cosmetics has seen rapid growth and development throughout the years. In fact, the standard daily skin care routine that we have today is no longer just about cleansers and toners as more and more products are added to the regimen such as eye creams, serums, essences, and emulsions.

How to Take Care of the Eye Skin?

How to Take Care of the Eye Skin?

It is absolutely wrong to replace eye cream with facial cream in order to save time, because there is little sebaceous gland around the eyes so it requires small molecules and permeable ingredients in order to penetrate into the skin. The common facial cream mainly works on the skin surface, the eye skin can not absorb at all, if you use facial cream directly around the eye skin, excess nutrition will lead to grow “oil seed” around the eyes.

Which Products are Better for Exfoliating: Scrubs or Chemical exfoliation?

Which Products are Better for Exfoliating: Scrubs or Chemical Exfoliation?

Many people have exfoliation trouble, do not know which type of exfoliating product should be used, do not know the difference between different types of exfoliating product, so blind use of exfoliating product, not only did not achieve the desired results, but also led to more and more sensitive and fragile facial skin. Therefore, this article will explore whether the scrub exfoliation product is better, or the chemical exfoliation product is better.

How to Achieve Beautiful & Glowing Skin?

How to Achieve Beautiful & Glowing Skin?

Do you feel your skin is very dry? Do you feel your skin dim? Beautiful and glowing skin can increase our self-confidence, let us do what we want to do more calmly. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that our skin can reflect our physical condition. Therefore, pay attention to the care of the skin also need to pay attention to internal adjustment, to control our own diet. No one wants their skin to look old and dark, so join us to make skin beautiful and glowing!

What’s The Difference Between Different Makeup Removers?

What’s the Difference Between Different Makeup Removers?

Many people think that it is absolutely no big deal to leave their makeup overnight. But the fact of the matter is that it is not acceptable whatsoever. The residual cosmetics will block your pores which will cause all kinds of skin disorders such as a sweat gland secretion disorder that will make your facial skin prone to acne and black circles development. The accumulation of cosmetics residuals will not only damage your skin but also accelerate its aging process. And that is why it is absolutely crucial to remove your makeup before you go to bed at night. This article talk the differences between different removers in detail and recommend several products for your reference. Be mindful of the importance of makeup remover in your daily skincare routine.

How to Take Good Care of Sensitive Skin

How to Take Good Care of Sensitive Skin?

Are you still annoyed with your looking red and inflamed or feeling irritated skin? Genetics may to be blame, but the result of external factors, including the sun and environmental pollutants, over-exfoliating, stress, weather, spicy foods and hot beverages, fragrance and dyes, etc all can cause sensitivity. Pay attention to these possible factors and how to take good care of sensitive skin is this article’s purpose. Hoping everyone can maintain healthy skin in the everyday beauty routine.

The effects of vitamin A on human body

The Effects of Vitamin A on the Human Body

Vitamin A plays a significant role on the human body. It can help us maintain healthy skin, reduce acne and wrinkles. Furthermore, it is very beneficial to our eyes. The deficiency of vitamin A may cause some problems to our health. Thankfully, we can easily supplement it by consuming foods like liver oil, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. However, the abuse of vitamin A is harmful to our body, especially for infants and some certain diseases. This article introduces vitamin A in some respects for your reference. Hoping it would be helpful for you.

How to moisture your skin?

How to Moisturize the Skin?

In the past, endocrine disorders were, almost always, regarded as the root cause of wrinkles and aging of the skin. However, the latest studies have shown that lack of water and moisture is the number one factor that causes rapid skin aging.
A sufficient amount of moisture on the surface of the skin should be around 15-25%, this amount indicates that skin is full of water to keep it smooth, elastic, soft, and without fine lines. But, as we grow older, that moisture percentage on the skin gradually decreases, resulting in dryness of the skin that leads to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.